A sixth senior member of Jihad was killed, the IDF attacked in the Gaza Strip | Egypt submitted a proposal for a temporary ceasefire

A sixth senior member of Jihad was killed, the IDF attacked in the Gaza Strip | Egypt submitted a proposal for a temporary ceasefire
A sixth senior member of Jihad was killed, the IDF attacked in the Gaza Strip | Egypt submitted a proposal for a temporary ceasefire

Operation “Shield and Arrow” – the fourth day: After 13 hours of silence, volleys were again fired to the south from the Gaza Strip on Friday. This time, rockets were also launched into the Gush Etzion and Mate Yehuda areas. In response, the IDF attacked a hideout in Gaza City and killed the sixth senior official in the Islamic Jihad’s military wing. Towards evening, the Arab media reported on a new cease-fire proposal from Egypt, but the organizations threatened to continue fighting. It was later reported that the effort to achieve a temporary lull tonight had failed.

Documentation from Operation “Shield and Arrow” %3A The IDF attacked military posts and rocket launchers of the Islamic Jihad %2F%2F IDF spokesman

minute by minute:

1:00: The Egyptian channel Al-Rad reports that Cairo’s efforts to obtain a ceasefire tonight have failed.

24:20: Palestinian reports of IDF attacks in the south and north of the Gaza Strip.

23:45: Against the background of reports of a ceasefire, the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the terrorist organizations, which also includes Jihad, emphasized that it continues the campaign: “Whatever the cost.” The message also reads: “Our fighting continues, and our commitment to the blood of the martyrs will continue.”

23:00: The Egyptian channel Al-Rad reported that Egypt submitted a new proposal for a ceasefire, and Israel will respond to it later. Al-Arabi channel reported that the new proposal includes a temporary ceasefire starting at midnight. On the other hand, the Jordanian Al-Malka channel reported that although the efforts for a ceasefire continue, but there is still no final agreement.

22:20: The IDF publishes a video of the countermeasures in the Gaza Strip.

The IDF attacked the headquarters of the Islamic Jihad %2F%2F IDF spokesman

21:20: After more than an hour of respite – alarms sounded again in the encirclement. There are no falls in the settlements and no injuries.

This is how the senior Islamic Jihad was eliminated in a hiding apartment in Gaza City %2F%2F IDF spokesman

20:48: The IDF attacked about 15 rocket launchers and mortars belonging to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization. IDF fighter jets and aircraft attacked in the last few hours about 15 rocket and mortar launchers belonging to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization throughout the Gaza Strip. Rockets and mortars were launched from the launchers that were attacked in the last few days towards Israeli territory.

20:30: Sources told the Saudi Al-Arabiya network that Israel rejected an Egyptian proposal to start a ceasefire this evening.

20:20: Iranian Foreign Minister Amir Hossein Abdel-Lahyan spoke in the last few hours with the Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad, Ziad Nachala, and with the head of the Political Bureau of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh. that the conditions that the terrorist organization demanded be met.

19:45: Following the incident of the rocket impact last night in Rehovot, the Institute of Forensic Medicine completed the process of identifying the victim. This is a local resident in her 80s – Inga Abramian. Her family has been notified.

19:05: The shooting resumes: a heavy rocket barrage towards the enclave, interceptions were heard in Tel Aviv. Reports of a fall near a fence. In the heavy barrage, about 40 rockets were fired at Eshkol settlements. The majority were intercepted by the Iron Dome, there are no falls in the settlements, no injuries, and no damage is known.

18:30: A joint statement to the IDF and the Shin Bet: “Iyad al-Hasani was killed in his apartment in Gaza City in a precise attack. He is responsible for the Jihad’s operations file and the formations in the military wing. He received an appointment two days ago to replace Bahtini and he was the most senior figure of the GAP in the Gaza Strip In the management of combat and the relationship with abroad. Shows the cooperation of the IDF and the Amman. Building an intelligence image, Air Force. In a snapshot according to what we understand with high precision in the impact. A severe and painful injury to the GP.

Chief of Staff Halevi at the base of the intelligence wing in the south, photo: IDF spokesman

“What affects the GAP are the targeted countermeasures, the apartments from which it directs the fighting. What happened in the last day – we took one to three story buildings – we took the people out of the house and attacked these houses. We have several more such apartments and will continue to attack.

“We continue as hard as we can to attack those who plan and carry out shooting against us. We estimate that we will encounter more rocket fire. I have seen statements about Hamas’s logistical assistance – Hamas is not involved in the fighting, does not take part in it and does not provide logistical assistance. And we are focusing on who is shooting. We could be met by fire As was the case at noon in the coming hours as well.”

“We think that terrorism should not be allowed to achieve tangible achievements when it sees that it is paralyzing the State of Israel. The rockets that were launched at us are rockets that we know. Gap’s own production and what we saw on the streets is up to 70 km, 20 kg of NAM. Not something we haven’t seen. Regarding the demonstration in Kaplan – we will make a decision and issue instructions to the public as soon as we can. We will publish when there is an answer.”

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17:55: Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah spoke in Lebanon and commented on the operation in the Gaza Strip: “We are in regular contact with the leadership of the resistance in Gaza and will not hesitate to provide assistance at any time that responsibility requires.”

The apartment where al-Hasani was killed according to the Palestinian reports, photo: Vertical

17:40: Palestinian reports: the senior officer who was eliminated – in charge of the Jihad operations file.

The senior jihadist who was apparently killed in the attack, photo: Arab Networks

17:20: The IDF spokesman reveals the data: 973 rockets have been launched so far at Israel during the operation.

17:00: Alarms in the Gaza Strip after the attack. A senior jihadist was killed in the apartment. The Prime Minister will hold a situation assessment at 18:00.

4:35 p.m.: The IDF attacked a residential building in Gaza, the Palestinians report casualties.

4:00 pm: A 9-year-old and a 12-year-old from two different neighborhoods in Beit Shemesh were slightly injured after falling and being bruised on the way to the Medical Center.

15:50: Falls were located in open areas near the pool in Nahal Oz. There were no casualties.

3:34 p.m.: Red color in the Gaza Strip.

15:26: Red color in the Gaza Strip.

15:22: Red color in the Gaza Strip.

The IDF attacked a Motman rocket launcher %2F%2F Photo%3A IDF spokesman

15:15: President Yitzhak Herzog posted a tweet in which he wrote that “We have a strong, wonderful and wonderful nation. In every conversation with the head of an authority and citizens who are under fire, I came to be strong and left strengthened. The home front functions in an impressive and confident manner and allows our IDF and the security and rescue forces to function optimally. I Proud of the mutual guarantee and Israeli solidarity.”

15:13: In Beit Shemesh, shrapnel fell in two locations in the city from an interceptor. They were checked by a police saboteur. There are no casualties.

15:01: Red color alarms in the Gaza Strip.

Documentation from the strip %2F%2F Photography%3A Reuters

2:23 p.m.: Red color alarms in the Gaza Strip.

14:21: The IDF is now attacking Islamic Jihad targets in the Gaza Strip.

2:20 p.m.: A source in Gaza close to Islamic Jihad tells Israel Hayom that “the organization’s representatives conveyed to Egypt a message that if there is no real progress today in the ceasefire talks with Israel, the organization is ready to continue fighting in the coming days, and even until the time of the flag parade, which is expected to take place on Thursday the next”.

14:00: The Home Front Command extended the restrictions until tomorrow at 20:00.

1:00 pm: As a result of the latest rocket barrage, damage was found to a house in Kibbutz Nir Am. The council reported that “the house was empty. There were no physical injuries. There was damage to property.”

Damage to a house in Kibbutz Nir Am, photo: Shaar HaNegev spokespersons

12:55: The IDF attacked four military outposts, a mortar launch position and an area from which a rocket was fired by the Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip.

The IDF attacked military posts and rocket launching positions of the Islamic Jihad %2F%2F photo%3A IDF spokesman

12:50: A Palestinian commentator explained in an article this morning why Iran or Hezbollah do not intervene in practice: “It is not easy to move the axis of resistance in any event. For example – if Israel attacked banana plantations in Lebanon, would the resistance in the Gaza Strip respond? What can move the axis of resistance is the campaign of Sif al- Quds 2 (“Guardian of the Walls”), where the main subject is Jerusalem, which is considered a central issue.”

12:46 p.m: Sderot Municipality: “Direct damage to a house in the city. There are no physical injuries. Damage was caused.”

Direct fall in a house in Sderot%2C No injuries %2F%2F Photo%3A Sderot Municipality spokeswoman

Damage to a house in Sderot, photo: None

12:43: A senior political official said that “regardless of the firing into the Jerusalem area, already firing on the envelope, it was decided in the assessment of the situation before noon to stop the contacts and respond to the GAP. The response will be significant, and if we are required to escalate we will do so. Jerusalem is like Tel Aviv like Sderot. There is no difference in terms of Israel, and that’s why it was already decided earlier to stop the talks and resume the attacks, because of their shooting at the encirclement.”

12:36 p.m.: Jihad tells Al Jazeera that the launch towards Jerusalem is an important message that what is happening there is not isolated from the Gaza Strip.

12:34: The ticket buyers for Hanan Ben Ari’s show in Sderot were notified that his performance was canceled due to the security situation.

12:31: Gadi Demari, a resident of Beit Shemesh, told Israel Hayom: “There were loud booms, including interceptions. As the alarm started I knew my 9 year old daughter was on her way home. I ran to the car to look for her and she, like a big girl, ran to a nearby kindergarten, where she was taken care of. She called me and now she is with me. It was very scary.’

12:29: The IDF spokesman: “Following the alerts that were activated in the Judean Mountains area, two intercepted launches were identified, one was intercepted by the David Sling system and the other by the Iron Dome.” Also, the alarms in Judea – both rockets were intercepted.

12:27 p.m: Red color in Sderot, Ivys and Nir with.

12:25: The military arm of the Jihad takes responsibility for the launch towards Jerusalem: “a response to the massacres and continued aggression against the Palestinian people”.

12:15: A report of a fall near Bat Ein. no casualties.

12:13: Red color alarms in the Gaza Strip and Sderot.

12:04: For the first time: a red color near the Jerusalem mountains.

11:33: Minor damage was caused to the greenhouse after a fall in the Gaza Strip.

The scene of the fall in the greenhouse in Eshkol %2F%2F Eshkol security credit

12:00: Red color alarm in the Gaza Strip.

11:30 a.m.: A senior source in the Islamic Jihad told Al Jazeera that “the resistance has the power to escalate the conflict in a way that will surprise everyone if the aggression continues. The next few hours are important to reach an agreement that will preserve the rights and blood and capabilities of the Palestinians.”

11:23: Red color alert in enrichment lane.

11:22: The Eshkol spokesperson said: “A volley of about 15 rockets was fired at Eshkol settlements. One rocket fell inside a greenhouse outside the settlement. The extent of the damage is not yet known. All the rest were intercepted by Iron Dome or fell in open areas outside the settlements. There were no casualties.”

11:17: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now conducting another security situation assessment, after the night’s events.

Netanyahu assessing the situation, photo: Kobi Gideon, L.A.M

11:10: Red color alarm in the Gaza Strip: Nir Yitzhak, Sofa, Holit, Sde Avraham.

10:41 a.m.: It is also reported on the BBC Arabic network that on Thursday the head of the political department of the Islamic Jihad, Muhammad Al-Hindi, met with the head of Egyptian intelligence, Abbas Kamel, in Cairo before it was reported that an Egyptian delegation was about to leave for Israel to discuss the ceasefire proposal. Sources said that Egypt tried to reach a ceasefire agreement between the parties on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, but the efforts failed. This after the Jihad officials claimed that there was an Israeli “procrastination” in giving a commitment to stop the policy of assassinations and transfer Hader Adnan’s body.

10:21: The BBC reports from Egyptian sources that the Egyptian-brokered ceasefire agreement between Israel and the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip is facing an obstacle. According to the sources, this agreement will be submitted for discussion in a telephone conversation between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi as well as King Abdullah of Jordan and American Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

09:50: The Egyptian channel Al-Rad reports from its sources that work is underway on formulating a final version of the ceasefire.

08:42: IDF spokesman: “This is what the escape route of the deputy commander of the rocket force in the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization looks like.”

The escape route of the deputy commander of the rocket force in the terrorist organization Palestinian Islamic Jihad %2F%2F IDF spokesman

07:43: Sources told the Palestinian newspaper “Al-Ayam” that last night there was indeed optimism among the mediators about the possibility of achieving calm, but Israel rejected all the conditions of the Islamic Jihad and adhered to the format of a mutual ceasefire without any commitment on its part.

07:40: Palestinian report on a UAV attack in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

07:30: IDF spokesman on the damage to the streets: “There was a technical malfunction.”

07:00 : Palestinian report on a UAV attack in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

6:00: Sources told the Saudi Al-Hadth network that the ceasefire talks resumed tonight following Egyptian pressure. According to the report, the Islamic Jihad agreed in principle on the cessation of rocket launches in exchange for the cessation of attacks.

It was also reported that Egypt insists on including a condition that Israel undertakes to stop the assassinations, but in Jerusalem they insist on another condition of dismantling rocket launchers. According to the sources, disputes within the Israeli side are making it difficult to reach negotiations while Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is updating himself on developments in the talks.

Egyptian President al-Sisi. Cairo’s efforts to prevent escalation, photo: AFP

3:00: Palestinian reports: IDF attacks still continue in the Gaza Strip.

01:35: Palestinian reports of an attack in southern Gaza City on agricultural land.

01:05: Hamas spokesman Hazem Kassem is complaining tonight about the international silence, which he says is “encouragement for the crimes of the occupation against our people in Gaza and a continuation of the double standards in the Palestinian issue”.

00:47: At the Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot, it is reported that during the evening, 16 patients were treated in the emergency department of the medical center. 14 were interviewed, two were hospitalized in a mild condition for further treatment and follow-up.

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