This is what was stated in the secrets of the local newspapers

This is what was stated in the secrets of the local newspapers
This is what was stated in the secrets of the local newspapers


A large economic delegation is heading to undertake a major development initiative to launch a series of investment projects awaiting the election of a President of the Republic.

A non-civilian official admitted that the inability to undertake any presidential initiative leads to an “international turmoil” that we wish for.

A clear contradiction was observed between the head of a party urging the convocation of the House of Representatives and another of the same line, calling for disrupting the session to elect a president.

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All eyes will be on the Jeddah summit tomorrow, to see if a high-level meeting will take place between an Arab president and the representative of Lebanon at the summit.

The head of a political-parliamentary current is diligently sending signals to a former ally that he is the one who is delaying the understanding with the opposition, in order not to provoke him.

The international arrest warrant against Salameh shocked those close to him and those who worked with him in previous years!

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There is a hidden rivalry between two countries over the presidential file in Lebanon, and the features of this conflict appeared in the diplomatic movement of the representatives and envoys of the two countries in Beirut.

One of the deputies who met the Qatari delegation confirms that they said explicitly that there is no return for the displaced Syrians to their country and that they must wait for the American green light.

One of the proposed candidates chooses to stay away from the media, even though his political launch was motivated by the media, and he got this based on the advice of an influential presidential reference.


An Arab diplomat following the Jeddah summit said that the bet on a new Arab phase is based on the amount of trust and cooperation that will be generated between the Syrian president and the Saudi crown prince, because this is the only development that allows replacing confrontation with cooperation between financially rich countries and the axis of power in the east, in whose heart Syria is located.

A prominent centrist political official believes that the second half of June will come without Lebanon having elected a president because the duo is sticking to Franjieh and the opposite party is holding his election, which will impose the formation of an Arab and international initiative committee that will contact the concerned parties and put in place a draft comprehensive settlement and guarantees beyond the presidency


A military plane, a “Supertucano” belonging to the Lebanese army, fell the day before yesterday evening while taking off from Hamat Airport, which led to the destruction of its front, without a statement being issued in this regard. The plane was among the military aid that the army received from the United States.

At a dinner he held at his home last week, to which a number of deputies were invited, including Alain Aoun, Fouad Makhzoumi, Melhem Riachy, and former MP Hadi Hobeish, representing the National Moderation Bloc and economists, Representative Nima Frem spoke of his intention to officially run for the presidential elections, and that he was waiting for the “appropriate moment.” ” So. It is reported that Avram believed that he would be the second choice after the fall of the Jihad Azour card because, unlike the latter, he is able to attract votes from the other party, especially Hezbollah, and that he had contacts and meetings with party officials that he did not announce so as not to “burn” himself.

With the end of the term of the Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, approaching, some of his deputies began to deviate from the silence that had accompanied them since their appointment. The third deputy governor, Salim Shaheen, seems the most enthusiastic among his colleagues, as he recently began giving media statements and receiving delegations, the latest of which was a Beiruti delegation, in light of the talk about the possibility of transferring the position to him by proxy, due to the refusal of the Amal and Hezbollah duo to assume the position of First Deputy Wasim Mansouri.


A clear apathy in the relationship between an official reference and a minister, which clearly appeared in one of the meetings.

Great ambiguity surrounds recent agreements with third parties and the way they are managed.