“Journey between Champions”: Maccabi Haifa’s album was launched

Dolev Haziza looks through the album, the photos of Micah Brickman | Official website, Reuven Cohen, Maccabi Haifa

“Journey between Champions”, the album that accompanied Maccabi Haifa’s historic season, was launched last night (Wednesday) at a festive event at the Botanica Hotel in the German Colony in Haifa. The elegant album brings the journey of Maccabi Haifa in the Champions League through the camera lens of the artist Micah Brickman.

The event was attended by the president of the club, Ya’akov Shahar, the CEO Itzik Ovadia, the club’s people, the players, the professional staff and of course the people who took part in the creation of the album – Micha Brickman, Avishi Dotan and Itzik Shasho.

Barak Becher with Yaakov Shahar | Official website, Reuven Cohen, Maccabi Haifa
Barak Bacher with Uzi Mor, Maccabi Haifa - a journey between champions
Barak Bacher with Uzi Mor | Official website, Reuven Cohen, Maccabi Haifa
Maccabi Haifa in the album journey between champions
A historic season deserves a historic commemoration | Official website, Reuven Cohen, Maccabi Haifa

Brickman excitedly spoke and said: “At the end of this journey, I felt that one and only word came to mind – family. There are few football moments in this album, but there are many moments of family, of togetherness. And that is the very special thing about this club called Maccabi Haifa.”

CEO Itzik Ovadia: “These were unforgettable moments and this is the evening that actually closes the campaign.”

The president, Yaakov Shahar, said: “I am happy that we arrived here after securing the championship. So we have already shown that we know football, today with the launch of this album we are showing that football is also culture.”

The contact Dolev Haziza concluded: “The photos were very surprising, I knew they were taken, but I didn’t see them and it’s very exciting. It gives you chills and you ask yourself if it’s really you in these photos. It’s an album for life, like a wedding album that you show to children and every time guests come They take him out.”

Haziza was also asked to choose his greatest moment in the campaign: “Personally, it’s cooking for Sherry against Paris Saint-Germain, what happened in the stadium is not something I experienced in Maccabi Haifa, and we went through everything. I felt that the stadium was going to collapse.”