Bonzie Colson has signed for two more years at Maccabi Tel Aviv

Bonzie Colson has signed for two more years at Maccabi Tel Aviv
Bonzie Colson has signed for two more years at Maccabi Tel Aviv

(Main image: Courtesy of Maccabi Tel Aviv’s official website)

believe in him As published on the Sports Channel website, Maccabi Tel Aviv announced today (Thursday) the extension of Bonzie Coulson’s contract. The 27-year-old forward (1.98 m) scored an average of 10.7 points per game in the Euroleague.

After finishing a fairly successful European season and when it was a single victory away from advancing to the Final 4, Maccabi Tel Aviv continues to maintain its squad. Oded Ketch, Lorenzo Brown, Wade Baldwin and Roman Sorkin have already officially extended their contracts, and now the Yellows have also added Bonzie Coulson to the list.

In addition to the above list, Josh Niebo also holds and Rafi Manko hold a contract for the season for next season. “For me, Bonzi had one of the most impressive rookie seasons I can remember,” said the coach Oded Ketch after signing. “He is tremendous for us. He brings us a lot of energy, he is diverse, can play in several positions. I have no doubt that he will only go and improve as time goes by. There is no doubt that this is a very high-quality signing. Beyond that, it is to leave the base with continuity and quality. Everyone We love Bonzi.”

“I’m definitely excited, it’s a blessing that I can extend the contract here,” he said Bonzie Coulson After the signing “This is my first season in the Euroleague. I’m trying to keep growing, learning, adapting and adding some flags of titles to the hall. It’s definitely a special club. If you’re not part of it, it’s hard to understand the love the fans give you.”

“I’m happy that Bonzi continues with us,” said the incoming sporting director Abi Evanand commented on the considerations in extending the contract: “He entered our system at Maccabi in a smooth and natural way. Beyond his obvious professional abilities, Bonzi brings heart and soul to the field. He is always All-In and that is exactly the Maccabi DNA we are looking for.”

Bonzie Coulson. Will stay for two more years (Oded Karni)

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