Weight is just a number

Weight is just a number
Weight is just a number

Thursday, May 18, 2023

03:23 PM

Teresa Almeida, the Angolan goalkeeper Petro Atletico, grabbed the limelight in the African Cup Winners’ Cup, which ends today, Thursday, against Petro Atletico and Primero de Agosto, the Angolans.

And he recalled the brilliance of the Angolan goalkeeper, the emergence of Guatier Mvumbi, the star of the Congo national team, in the World Cup, which Egypt hosted in January 2021, due to the impressive level he presented with his country against Argentina in the match that the tango dancers won, 28-22.

And the giant circle player succeeded in scoring 4 goals from 4 shots, with a success rate of 100%. Letit said that his weight, which exceeds 110 kg, did not stand in the way of his brilliance.

Teresa snatched the championship role in qualifying Friha for the final after a wonderful match that she presented against Al-Ahly with impressive saves, as she stood in front of the women of the tournament organizer and helped her team win (25-21).

Teresa Almeida is 35 years old, she was born on May 5, 1988, she is 181 cm tall, and her weight exceeds 100 kg.

Teresa is the most important star of her country’s national team, which dominates handball in the African continent, where it was crowned with 15 championships, as the Angolans lost only one final, in 1991 in Egypt.

The international media paid attention to Teresa’s brilliance and her participation with her country’s national team in the Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo Olympics and the World Cups in France, Spain and Japan.

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