“Informal” negotiations between Zamalek and Elias Shetty

“Informal” negotiations between Zamalek and Elias Shetty
“Informal” negotiations between Zamalek and Elias Shetty

Mohammed Hammam

Thursday, May 18, 2023

02:36 PM

A source close to the Algerian full-back, Elias Shetty, player of the French Angers team, stated that the player had received informal negotiations from Zamalek club to move to the ranks of the White Castle next season.

And the source added, in exclusive statements via “Yalla Koura” on Thursday, that Sheti had received calls from agents to move to the ranks of Zamalek, pointing out that the player had not received any official communications from the White Castle officials.

And the source indicated that if the player receives an official offer from the Zamalek administration, he will welcome the transfer to the ranks of the Egyptian team, indicating that the player is ready to reduce his salary, which amounts to 600 thousand dollars per season with Angers.

Zamalek club seeks to support the left front in the next season, especially after the absence of Ahmed Fattouh in most of the current season, in addition to Mohamed Abdel Shafi’s thoughts about retiring, so Juan Carlos Orsorio decided to rely on the young Hatem Sukkar.

Elias Shetty only participated in six matches with Angers this season, as the player is considering leaving the club due to the team’s relegation to the first division, in addition to his lack of adaptation to the team.

Elias Shetty has an international career with the Algerian national team, where he participated with the “Desert Warriors” team in the Arab Championship, which was held in Qatar 2021, and he was with his country’s national team in the last African Nations Championship, which was organized by Cameroon 2022.

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