Sec defensive player of the season

ONE | system 05/18/2023 20:36

Abdulai Sek (Reuven Schwartz)

The attacking players in football tend to get the front of the stage, but the players in the back are also of great importance. At ONE’s season selection ceremony together with The Football Players’ Organization, Toto, the Migdal Insurance Company, the Ono Academic College, ‘OPEL’ and Adidas held this evening (Thursday) the defensive player of the season was chosen, and the one who won the great honor is Abdulai Sek from Maccabi Haifa.

What a debut season the Senegalese defender had. When he arrived, there were those who doubted his ability because he was not fit to play. Not too much time passed, and everyone already understood that this was something unusual that reached the Premier League. Sak displayed extraordinary athletic abilities and proved to be the terror of the strikers of the Premier League, when in addition, he scored several critical goals, with an emphasis on the equalizing goal in the 1:1 against Maccabi Tel Aviv. Just a great brake.

The surfers made up 40% of the selection, the football players in the Premier League by category made up another 40% of the selection, another 10% belonged to the coaches and another 10% from a special committee shared with the organization of the football players and players together with ONE. Five other players were nominated for the title: Shawn Goldberg from Maccabi Haifa, Enrik Saborit from Maccabi Tel Aviv, Miguel Vitor from Hapoel Be’er Sheva, Raz Shlomo from Maccabi Netanya and Nanad Savatkovich from MS Ashdod.

Abdulai Sek with the award (Reuven Schwartz)