news | Officially.. The FA decides to fine and suspend Jürgen Klopp for this reason

Officially.. The FA decides to fine and suspend Jürgen Klopp for this reason

1 hour ago

League Plus – Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has received a two-match ban for comments he made about referee Paul Tierney after his side’s 4-3 win over Tottenham Hotspur last April.

This means that the German will miss Sunday’s match against Aston Villa at Anfield, but he will not miss the last match of this season against Southampton due to the suspension of the second match ban until the end of the 2023/24 season, provided that he does not commit any other offenses in the meantime..

Klopp indicated that Terney had “something against the Reds” after the Tottenham game, and he also received a fine of 75,000 pounds after he admitted his inappropriate behavior and said he regretted making these comments.

Klopp received a yellow card for celebrating Liverpool’s victory in the 94th minute in front of the fourth official and later claimed that what Tierney said to him was “not good”.

The arbitration governing body said at the time it “strongly refuted” any accusation that Tierney’s actions were “improper”.

Liverpool sent a letter responding to the accusations three days after the match, stating that emotions ran high during a tense match and that while Klopp did not intend to “question Terney’s integrity”, the referee was involved in a number of “questionable decisions”.
However, the FA said the comments were “a particularly serious example of misconduct” and that it was “disturbed by the extremely aggressive nature” of Klopp’s behavior towards fourth official John Brooks.

Klopp also wrote a letter of apology, saying the words he used in the post-match interview were “inappropriate and motivated by emotion”.

The FA have also released a transcript of what Tierney said to Klopp when he booked him, which the Liverpool manager deemed “unacceptable”.

After Brooks told him about Klopp’s behaviour, and after he sought confirmation from the video assistant referee, Tierney said: “Well, I have to show you the yellow. It might be red, but I’ll show you the yellow.”

Klopp had previously been given a one-match ban after being sent off against Manchester City in October for reprimanding an assistant referee, and the independent panel recognized his “poor disciplinary record” when deciding on the penalty.