Struggling in the Israeli market: Hapoel Tel Aviv’s plans

Struggling in the Israeli market: Hapoel Tel Aviv’s plans
Struggling in the Israeli market: Hapoel Tel Aviv’s plans

Hapoel Tel Aviv continues to discuss options to strengthen the squad next season, but at the moment it seems that the team is stuck in the Israeli market segment. At the club, they talked to Aid Habashi, who was happy to join the team, but Izzy Sharetzky decided to exercise the option on him and now the Reds will have to pay to buy him, unlike the original plan. The same is also true regarding Mohamed Shekar, which makes it difficult for him to move to the Reds.

Another name that came up is Maxim Plekoshchenko, who played for the Hungarian Honved. Plekoshchenko does have a contract for another season in Hungary, but it appears that he will be released free of charge. At the moment he is not in negotiations with Hapoel Tel Aviv, and he is receiving serious interest from Hapoel Haifa as well. Alon Azougi is expected to return from his loan at Maccabi Petah Tikva and compete for a place in the team.

At the same time, the team is preparing for the next season in the foreign sector as well. The team’s management sat down with Emilius Zubas last Sunday about extending his contract. The goalkeeper is on vacation in Lithuania, and the negotiations are expected to continue next week in a positive direction. Apart from him, Alan Ojebolt will of course also stay, when Pablo Gonzalez will return from a cruciate ligament tear. The club is expected to try and reach an understanding with him regarding the release, but this is not an easy task against a player who has not played for a long time And just now coming back from injury.

Given these three foreigners, the team has room for three more foreigners, with the marked positions being midfielder 6, right winger with dominant left foot and defender. Depending on the side of the foreign defender that will be chosen, an Israeli defender will be sought for the other side.

There will be changes (Alan Shiver)

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