Maccabi Tel Aviv coach Karanka admitted: I would be surprised if Mitch Goldhar would do it

Maccabi Tel Aviv will end the 2022/23 season with an away game against M.S. Ashdod on Saturday (8:30 p.m., Sport3), in which they will try to leave a slightly better taste and overtake Hapoel Beer Sheva on the way to second place, with this depending on the southerners stumbling against Maccabi Netanya. Coach Aitor Karanka continues to prepare as usual for next season, and as written here, the Spaniard chose the destination where the yellows will hold the training camp in the summer and prepared the schedule for it, while among the fans there is a consensus about the goldsmith to replace the coach. This morning (Thursday) Karanka held a party The regular journalists for the final cycle.

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Want to generate positive momentum. crank | Shlomi Gabai

The coach was asked about the disappointment among the fans, some of whom are even considering not renewing their subscriptions if no dramatic changes are made: “I understand it one hundred percent, but their frustration is not only from this season, but from the last two or three seasons. I am the most frustrated, because since When I came here I saw this squad working every day, players like Yonatan Cohen, Elon Almog, Dan Beaton. Behind every player there is a human being and for me it was good to bring these players back to the squad. They can contribute more. I can only tell the fans to trust the club, Because everyone sees that there is progress here and changes are being made in a number of positions. I said about three weeks ago that the season is not over yet and the next season has not yet started, so the message I can send to the audience is that I am the first to understand their frustration. On the other hand, I want to say that with the changes I will make, they will be Proud of the team soon.”

What he learned this six months: “I learned a lot. It’s true that arriving in a new country and a new league takes time, in a club like Maccabi Tel Aviv you have to win immediately, I knew that and I did my best to get to know my players and learn everything as quickly as I could, it’s not Worked as everyone expected, but I know we will improve for sure. I would like to send a positive message, because since I got here I have heard a lot of noise outside the club. If we are negative, it will be impossible to progress. We have a very good squad to build on for the future, we will improve the squad for sure and only Together we can move forward.”

Karanka was asked if he would be surprised if he received a notice of dismissal at the end of only half a season, as happened to his predecessor in the position, Mladen Karstaich: “It will be a big surprise, because from the beginning I knew I would not make it to five months. It is impossible to change in such a period what happened in two and a half years. I came here Because the club wanted to make a change, you can see that this change is happening, so it will be a surprise, because the point is not only what I did in these months, but what we are trying to build for the future.”

Identified the problem. Goldhar | Barney Ardov

Reinforcement players arrived late in previous years: “We have been working for a while, we know which positions we want to strengthen. One thing is clear that we want as a club – and as you know it is difficult to convince players to come to Israel – is to try to convince the candidates to play for an amazing and big club like Maccabi Tel Aviv . We need to find the players who want to come and succeed here. Of course we have a list of candidates.”

The training camp in Spain: “The facilities in Madrid are amazing, all the big clubs in Europe use them for camps and also many national teams prepare there for the Euros and the World Cup. I was also there with my previous teams. We can play against good teams. It is also important to establish good relations with Real Madrid. Second The clubs are among the biggest in the world.”

Completing the squad before the camp: “It’s not that it’s not realistic, it’s just that the training camp starts early in the preseason. Sometimes the transfer market provides surprises at the end. It’s true that we have to go to the camp when most of the squad is closed, but there could suddenly be players who can be added for free and we’ll also have time to strengthen after the camp “.