Equipped with SkyStriker suicide marches.. The first appearance of Moroccan PULS launchers with different ranges (photos and videos)

For the first time, the advanced Israeli-made PULS missile launchers appeared in the Moroccan camouflage (camouflage of the southern region).

It seems that Morocco chose the Indian-made TATRA trucks, which it contracted earlier.

The Israeli company Elbit Systems had revealed earlier that Morocco had contracted PULS launchers a few weeks ago with the COMBAT NG system.

PULS.. the new generation of multi-calibre rocket launchers from the Israeli Elbit Systems

The Israeli defense company Elbit Systems has developed the PULS system, which is a new generation of Multiple Caliber Rocket / Rocket Launching System (MLRS).

On March 2, 2023, the Government of Denmark announced the acquisition of two PULS missile launch system batteries, including the rocket and missile package.

Moreover, on April 3, 2023, the Dutch Ministry of Defense announced the purchase of a number of PULS systems for the amount of $305 million (NIS 1.1 billion).

The company also announced that Morocco had acquired the system. The announcement of the deal came after a delegation from the Royal Artillery, headed by General de Division Muhammad Benawali, Inspector of the Royal Artillery, made a working visit to Israel from 6 to 8 February 2023, during which it was received by General De Brigade Niri Horovitz, Commander of the Artillery Corps in the Israeli army. .

The adoption of Israeli-made PULS by the two NATO member states and Morocco demonstrates its great ability to compete with the US-made M270 HIMARS launchers.

The advantage of PULS is that it uses a flexible platform that is also compatible with native or third-party products and C4I systems according to the user’s wishes.

PULS carries an advanced self-launching system, simplifying mission management and ensuring stable and effective fire support in all weather conditions.

Unlike conventional rocket artillery systems, PULS can fire different types of ammunition at different distances from the same location.

The multi-purpose launcher has two pods, each of which is designed for a specific type of missile:

They are Accular 122 mm (18 missiles) with a range of up to 35 km, Accular 160 mm (10 missiles) with a range of up to 40 km,

This includes EXTR (4 missiles) with a range of up to 150 km, and Predator Hawk missiles (2 missiles) with a range of up to 300 km.

PULS are able to accurately and effectively neutralize targets at all ranges, providing maximum responsiveness and firing flexibility without the need for special adjustments.

This system is fully adaptable to any platform out there or available in the market.

One of them is the American-made Oshkosh HEMTT 8×8 heavy duty military truck, customers are free to choose which vehicle they use.

The PULS launcher can also fire Elbit Systems’ SkyStriker loitering munition, a low-cost munition capable of long-range tactical precision strikes. Enabled by technology, the SkyStriker improves performance, situational awareness, and survivability by providing precision direct-fire aerial capabilities to maneuvering special forces and forces.

Due to its superior speed, the SkyStriker can reach a distance of 20 km in ten minutes. Upon reaching the target area, it lounges and follows the target for up to 2 hours using the 5 kg warhead or up to 1 hour using the 10 kg warhead.

The SkyStriker’s suicide marches have a range of 100 km.