The court deducted 3 actual points for Maccabi Haifa and Hapoel Beer Sheva in addition to a monetary fine

Following the incidents of violence that took place between the 2 teams in their game last week, the court decided as a precedent to reduce 3 points in practice and to give a large financial fine. Suspensions for 4 Maccabi players.

Haifa Radio System

14:18 – 12/05/23

The scuffle between Maccabi and Hapoel BS players | Photo: Ortal Ziv Dahan

About a week and a half after the riots at the end of the match between Hapoel Beer Sheva and Maccabi Haifa, today (Friday) the court of the Football Association announced the punishments for both teams. Among other things, 3 points were actually deducted from the season’s balance and a fine of NIS 50,000 was given following the riot of the green fans (flares) and 85,000 NIS to Hapoel BS following the riot of the red fans (smoke grenade) and the racist chants. Additionally, In a small barn banned for 15 games, Abdulai Sek and Mavis Chibuta Banned for 2 games plus a fine of NIS 5,000 each. Ali Muhammad Banned for one game in addition to a NIS 2,000 fine And Mahmoud Jabar Suspended for one game on a conditional basis and fined NIS 2,000. San Menachem and Franzadi Piero Acquitted of guilt.

Abdulai Sek, who was accused by the association’s prosecutor Nir Rashef of “participating in a fight and inappropriate behavior due to a three-finger gesture he made to the crowd,” regretted this before the court and claimed that he had no problem with the Beer Sheva players at all. Regarding the obscene movement, Sek emphasized that he heard racist chants from the moment he stepped onto the grass for warm-ups before and during the game. Some of the curses Sek claimed he heard were: “Dirty nigger” and “Go back to Africa”. “It hurt a lot to the point of crying, so I made the obscene movement,” added Sk.

In the Beer Sheva district, Eugene Ansa was suspended for 2 games, Shafi Suleimanov for 10 games, Miguel Vitor for 1 game, Konstantin Adrian for 5 games and a monetary fine of NIS 7,500, Shagib Yehezkel for 1 game on probation and Shay Elias for 2 games as well as a fine of NIS 2,500.

Maccabi Haifa responded: “We respect the court’s decision, but are not satisfied with the punishment.”