Arab Open Cup for martial arts styles

Arab Open Cup for martial arts styles
Arab Open Cup for martial arts styles
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The Lebanese Federation of Wushu Kung Fu and the “Loaco” Association held a press conference at the “Liqaa” Hotel in Rabweh, to announce the Arab Cup Open Championship for all martial arts styles scheduled for May 13 and 14 at the Fouad Chehab Sports Complex in Jounieh.

The representative of the caretaker prime minister, Najib Mikati, and the sports official in the “Al-Azem” association, Dhafer Kabbara, represented the Minister of Youth and Sports, George Kallas, Dr. President of the “Abi Ramia Brothers” company, sponsor of the tournament, Michel Abi Ramia, Vice President of the Muay Thai Federation and Secretary General Qasim Al-Nono, representative of the Commander of the High Center for Military Sports, Major Daniel Khairallah, representative of the President of Taekwondo, Dr. Habib Zarifa, member of the Federation, Joe Khoury, to a number of federation presidents Sports clubs, social, sports, media, optional and municipal bodies.

The conference opened with the national anthem, then a video was shown summarizing the preparations for this championship, which Lebanon is hosting for the first time.

After that, the media figure, Tania Estephan, welcomed the attendees and said: “The organization of this Arab sporting event on Lebanese soil is living proof of the determination of the Lebanese Federation of Wushu Kung Fu and the Loaco Association to challenge the economic, political and social conditions whose fragments were not spared by the sports sector, which unfortunately occupies a low rank in the scale of interest.” the official”. (…)

Then Naseer gave a speech. Bassam Nohra, the Secretary of the Union and the President of the “Loaco” Association, followed by thanking the “Abi Ramia Brothers” Company, which is the permanent supporter of the Union, the Municipality of Jounieh and the Muay Thai Federation.

Then Naseer and Nohra presented a commemorative shield to the founder of “Land of Creators” Kamal Bkassini, in appreciation of his support by providing all the accompanying facilities to host the conference at the “Liqa’ Hotel”.

More than 400 local players and international players will participate in the tournament, representing: Algeria, Morocco, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Cyprus and Lebanon.