A strong slap.. Barcelona’s European fate threatens Real Madrid next season!

Misfortunes continue at the head of the club, the Spanish capital, Real Madrid. After the great defeat it suffered at the Al Ittihad Stadium, it was confirmed that the white team will be in the second classification in the draw for the group stage next season, which is scheduled to take place on August 7.

Although it is not as serious as it was in previous years due to the adjustment of the classification of influential teams imposed by UEFA (giving priority to the champions of the national leagues more than the general classification), Real Madrid may face strong competitors in the first stage of the same ears.

According to the report of the Spanish newspaper “AS”, this could cause Real Madrid to be in a group that includes a strong team in the first place and a dangerous team in the third place, which will cause difficulties for the Spanish club, as happened to Barcelona in the last Champions League when Bayern Munich faced the first team, Inter third team.

At the present time, the only team that guarantees that he will be in the group that qualifies to face Real Madrid is Napoli, also the Italian champion, in addition to Paris Saint-Germain, who is close to winning the French League, in addition to Manchester City, who is also close to being crowned champion of England.

The European League champion will also have a place among the higher ranked teams, which means that Juventus or Roma can qualify if they succeed in skipping the remaining stage and winning the title. The same applies to the Champions League champion, so if Inter is the champion, he will be in the qualifying group for the first stage. (joule)