Danny Gott was appointed the new coach of Elizur Ramla

About a month after winning a second championship in a row (the 12th in the club’s history), champion Elitzur ‘Landco’ Ramla appointed Danny Gott (soon to be 58) as the team’s coach today (Friday).

Gut replaces Shira Al-Avler, who coached Ramla for the past three years, and was a partner in the team’s last two championships. “I am very excited to join Elizur Ramle” said Gott, who is serving this season as Brad Greenberg’s assistant at Liege from the top league in Belgium.

“Ramela is a magnificent club in Israeli women’s basketball,” continues Gut, who coached mainly men’s teams (he served as an assistant coach at Dynamo Moscow, BC Kiev of Ukraine, Eps Pilsen of Turkey, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Ironi Ramat Gan and Maccabi Ashdod) who will now coach a second team in the Women’s Premier League After guiding the Herzliya girls for two seasons 2020-2022.

“Ramla is the number 1 club in the women’s Premier League” adds Gut. “It’s a big challenge for me and the goals are very clear. We will build an attractive team that will compete for every possible title.”

What is the reason you want to return to art in Israel?
“If there wasn’t an offer from Elizur Ramla, I wouldn’t have returned to Israel. Only because it’s Ramla, I decided to come back. You can’t say no to a club like Ramla. It’s a professional club. I was very impressed by the mayor, Michael Vidal, by the professional manager, Nissim Ron, by the president of the club, Musa Saba And the other members of the board. I’m already waiting to build the team, and I’m also waiting to meet the fans, their support is important and come on Ramla.”

professional manager, Nissim Ron: “We were looking for a coach of stature, there were other candidates, but we were very impressed with Danny. We know him and in addition to the data I received about him, he left an amazing impression, he has tremendous professional knowledge, an amazing scouter, he also conducts courses and training and has a great background in every field In both women’s and men’s basketball.

What is the reason that the upper does not continue another season?
“We spoke with her agent (Avi Zilberman) who made an offer and said that her ambition is to be an artist in Europe or with men. In addition, there was also a gap in the financial matter, she also conducted negotiations at the same time both abroad and with men. We also conducted negotiations at the same time with a number of Coaches and in the end we reached the equal valley with Danny. We really wanted Shira to continue, but it won’t work out, I really love and appreciate Shira, she has achieved amazing things with us, we had great chemistry, but it didn’t work out either for her or for us and we wish her lots of success.”

What are the goals of the group?
“Like every season and that is to win all the titles.”