After only half an hour: the training of the youth team was stopped

The Israeli national team continued preparations last night for its opening game in the Mondialeto tournament on Sunday in La Plata, but it is doubtful whether even the national team believed that training would be stopped after only half an hour.

Heavy rain hit the Buenos Aires area in the afternoon, when the training complex around the Julio Humberto Grondona stadium in Serandi, of the Arsenal team from the Argentine Premier League, was filled with water and coach Ofir Haim, who the day before had conducted a more intensive training session for his players, chose to finish early.

The amounts and intensities of the rain were enormous, befitting the preparation for the upcoming winter season, when people around the team laughed and said that only a day before, there was a blazing sun in the area. Local security forces also accompanied the team and ensured their safety when a strict check was made at the entrance to the training complex.

It should be noted that, in contrast to the two training complexes (of Argentinos Juniors, where the team will return tonight and of San Lorenzo), the complex of Arsenal, the bottom team, looks neighborhoody and outdated.

The entrance gates are reminiscent of the entrance gates to the Ramat Gan Stadium, the complex is right in front of the entrance to the house and the area itself does not look like the newest ones that were seen. No wonder the players chose to take the showers after practice at the hotel.

In the short training that was held, coach Haim did running laps with his trainees and even got down to a few push-ups, as it is very important for the coach to maintain a good atmosphere before the start of the tournament. The team training was attended by a surprising guest: one of the members of the Colombia team, who came to survey the team ahead of the meeting between the teams on Sunday.

“Wow feeling to be here. We prepared in the best possible way, we prepared and saw the Colombian team and we are going to meet a very strong team. But we are also a cohesive and talented team and we have proven it. We have a professional team at the best level headed by Ofir. He gives us a lot of motivation and confidence so that we prove ourselves and achieve our goals,” commented the Maccabi Haifa player, Anan Halaili for the tournament.

Halaili added: “There is pressure because this is the first time in this tournament and it is a World Cup. We got used to the time difference. There is an excellent team here and every player is a top player. We will do everything to get as far as possible. Oscar’s disadvantage is very significant, but we wish him success and so do we.”