FilGoal | News | Zamalek training

FilGoal | News | Zamalek training
FilGoal | News | Zamalek training

The technical staff of the Zamalek team, led by Portuguese Josevaldo Ferreira, dedicated a special technical and planning paragraph for the players during today’s training, which was held at Abdel Latif Abourgila Stadium at the White Castle headquarters, in preparation for the meeting of the Vanguards of the Army.

The technical staff divided the players into two groups, where each group performed a tactical paragraph, during which the focus was placed on tasks related to defense and attack, and the speed of moving the ball until reaching a small goal and achieving the desired goal.

Members of the technical staff of the team continuously conveyed technical instructions to the players during the training unit, and they also handled the treatment of errors during the course of training.

The technical staff worked to gradually raise the physical load of the players, as the team undertook qualifying exercises with the ball in addition to other physical exercises, under the leadership of Andre Philip Sousa, the load planner and the supervision of the technical staff.

Performance analyst Daniel Alves wrote down all the details as instructed by Ferreira.

The duo, Ahmed Fattouh and Ashraf bin Sharqi, undertook additional rehabilitation and physical training after entering the qualifying segment with the rest of the White players.

The duo performed qualifying exercises with and without a ball for 30 minutes under the leadership of Andre Philippe Sousa, the load planner.

Mahmoud Abdel Razek, “Shikabala”, continued his rehabilitation and treatment program assigned to him by the medical staff, in coordination with the technical staff, to prepare him to participate in group exercises during the coming period.

“Shikabala” performed rehabilitative and therapeutic exercises inside the gymnasium to recover from the injury he suffered in the foot, which kept him from participating in the training and the last meeting against Enppi.

The technical staff also allocated a special training program to Tariq Hamed, where the player performed rehabilitative and physical exercises in the gym, and did not participate in group exercises.

Tariq Hamed is absent from Zamalek in front of the Vanguard of the Army, due to the accumulation of yellow cards.

Ferreira held a session with Mahmoud Hamdi, the team’s defender, in the presence of Hosni Khattab, the special translator, where he gave him some technical and tactical advice, and also talked to him about some of the duties required of him related to his position.

The quartet of Mohamed Abu Jabal, Mohamed Awad, Mohamed Nadim and Abdel Rahman, who has run out of goalkeepers for Zamalek, undertook strong training under the leadership of Ayman Taher, the goalkeepers’ coach.

During today’s training, Taher focused on special technical matters, most notably shooting the goal in all its aspects. He also gave the guards some technical instructions during the training unit.

Zamalek is preparing to face the Vanguard of the Army, scheduled for next Tuesday, in the nineteenth week of the Egyptian Premier League.

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