Artist with a brush: Thiago has become Liverpool’s ‘ace’

“He’s like an artist with a brush, he’s just hovering on the field,” Read the headlines in England after Liverpool’s semi-final victory over Villarreal. The compliments were dedicated to Tiago Alcantara, and this has not really been the only time the Spanish midfielder has received such praise in recent months.

Significantly late and after some of her fans have already raised their hands about him, Liverpool have been getting Thiago she fantasized about for the past six months. Tiago who was at Bayern Munich one of the best connections in the world. A bit funny to write this about the current Liverpool, but Thiago Alcantara is actually the only footballer on the Mighty Reds squad who has arrived as a proven world top player, perhaps other than the Allison goalkeeper.

Tiago’s arrival in the summer of 2020 was a very exciting event for the crowd at Anfield, the expectations from him, naturally, were sky high, but so were the concerns. His style of play is completely different from that in which Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool tend to play. Along with his injury record, there was definitely a risk in this acquisition as well. And this risk seems very tangible in the first year.

It took Tiago a while to get into things at Anfield (GETTY)

The derby against Everton early last season is mostly remembered for the injury of Virgil Van Dyke that ended him and Liverpool this season, but there was another moment, the moment Richardson dismantled Tiago, in the Spaniard’s debut in the squad, and suspended him for several months. The adaptation of the relationship to a new style of play, a new country, a new city that is completely different from Barcelona and Munich in which he lived before, has become even more difficult.

“He is slowing down Liverpool’s game, he is not playing in Klopp’s way,” commentators in England stated, when Tiago did return and was part of the team’s disappointing season. And the truth? That was true, but as we say in Israeli politics, the truth is true for now. He did not release the balls fast enough, he was not coordinated with his teammates, he did a lot of offenses in the center of the field, and seemed just disconnected from what was happening on the grass.

But if there is one thing that is clear about Tiago, it is that he is one of the most intelligent players in world football, and together with Klopp’s support, he began to fit in with the pace of Liverpool, so much so that today he is the bermuter who sets the same pace. He became a banker in the squad, and his performances in the derby against Everton (98% accuracy with dedication), in 0: 4 against Manchester United and in 2: 2 against City in the game of the season, mentioned that this is a footballer who was in the biggest positions, and knows how to function in the best games Are important.

In a fascinating New York Times article on Tiago, it was written how the fact that his contribution is not reflected in numbers like assists and cooks has hurt for a while the real appreciation for his crucial importance in linking. In the same article, it was also explained how Tiago became the last nail in Liverpool’s big change.

Wonderfully integrated into Klopp’s machine (GETTY)

The Mighty Reds will play for the third time in the last five years in the Champions League final. In 2018, it was a team that sanctified chaos, a mess on the field, Abby Metal football for 90 minutes. A year later, as she was more mature and more experienced, Liverpool went through another stage in her adolescence. She knew how to keep forces when needed, she knew when to play neatly and when to “rule chaos” again. But the chaos was there.

The current Liverpool, according to the same article in the Times, is a team that first and foremost wants to be in control. A team that wants to know how to win patiently. Keep in mind, Liverpool of 2018 was a team that played amazing football at times, but a team whose arrival to the final was somewhat surprising. Today, Liverpool are in a completely different place. Expectations are different, and groups come to it in advance in order to shut themselves off. Klopp knew he would have to find more solutions, and Tiago was just that.

The Spaniard can play alongside Henderson, Fabigno, Keita, it does not matter at all. He is the one who sets the pace. He knows how to provide the right dedication to the front-end players, and he does it just like a surgeon with a scalpel, every player and the place he wants to get the football, every player and the pace at which he has to get it.

In conversations with Liverpool fans, you will hear them quite a few times talking in a certain lack of faith about the fact that a player like Tiago plays on their team. The Reds do not have many more games left this season, and they actually have two big finals left. The first, tonight, against Chelsea at Wembley. If you can, try to focus on the number 6 in red. The way he conducts with the ball, the way he decides whether to deliver with the outside or the inside, and the impact that each of his decisions has on the attacking game. If you are lucky (and sorry in advance from the blues fans), you may get to see another artist performance on the field.


Do not miss even his touch on the ball (GETTY)

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