Real Madrid faces Barcelona, ​​​​Texas, USA

Real Madrid faces Barcelona, ​​​​Texas, USA
Real Madrid faces Barcelona, ​​​​Texas, USA

Real Madrid will face arch-rivals Barcelona in a friendly El Clasico match on July 29 in Arlington, Texas, as part of a series of 8 pre-season matches involving 6 clubs, including Manchester United, Arsenal, AC Milan and Juventus.

It will be the third such pre-season match between Barcelona and Real Madrid in the United States, after matches in Miami Gardens, Florida, in 2017 and in Houston last July.

The Football Champions Tour was announced Friday by the newly formed investment firm Sixth Street, and will be held in partnership with AEG and Legends.

Matches with Barcelona and Juventus begin in Santa Clara, California, on July 22, and also include Real Madrid and Milan in Pasadena, California (July 23), Arsenal and Barcelona in Englewood, California, Real Madrid and Manchester United in Houston (both matches on July 26), and Juventus and AC Milan. in Carson, California (July 27), AC Milan and Barcelona in Las Vegas, and Juventus and Real Madrid in Orlando, Florida (August 2).

Matches are subject to the approval of the football authorities.

The English Premier League (Premier League) and the Spanish League (La Liga) start on August 12, while the Italian League (Serie A) begins a week later.

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