Homeland Sport | A map of Al-Ahly deals in the summer.. consolidation in 3 centers

10:24 AM | Saturday, May 13, 2023

A map of Al-Ahly deals in the summer.. consolidation in 3 centers

Swiss Marcel Koller, coach of Al-Ahly team

Under the slogan “No Time to Rest”, after beating Tunisia’s Esperance 3-0 in Aqar Dar in the first leg of the CAF Champions League semi-finals, the Al-Ahly club management began to move quickly towards supporting the team with heavy-caliber deals for the new season, by settling on a map. Initial deals, and setting a timetable to start implementing them, provided that the consolidation takes place in 3 centers.

Behind the scenes of Al-Ahly management’s thinking about summer deals

This comes in order to move comfortably to avoid repeating the scenario of last season, which ended with the failure of the Red Club to sign a distinguished striker, who solves the attack code in the current season.

According to a source within Al-Ahly, who revealed to Al-Watan Sport, that the Red Administration has put more than one player in the accounts, most notably a strong foreign striker, who can lead the attack well, especially after the team’s suffering this season from the absence of the strong striker who can lead the team locally and in Africa.


Al-Ahly team

Kohler decides the fate of Al-Ahly deals

It is expected that the Planning Committee will present to Swiss coach Marcel Kohler a list of players who have been nominated to carry out the task, including strikers from different African countries who have been nominated for the club.


Swiss Marcel Koller, coach of Al-Ahly team

And the administration placed in the list of new reinforcements, a defensive player and a strong left back to succeed the Tunisian Ali Maaloul, especially in light of the complete exclusion from the matches of the player Ayman Ashraf, the team’s defender, by Marcel Koller, and the coach’s lack of conviction in his level in the left-back and central defense positions in a way that made him lose his place since For a long time, the player is close to leaving the Red Castle at the end of the current season.