After the news of Messi’s departure from PSG, Mbappe proposes to include this player as a substitute

After the news of Messi’s departure from PSG, Mbappe proposes to include this player as a substitute
After the news of Messi’s departure from PSG, Mbappe proposes to include this player as a substitute

Mbappe made a proposal to the club’s management regarding signing a new striker in the summer

foot Kylian MbappeThe Paris Saint-Germain star made a proposal to club officials regarding signing a new striker in the summer.

The French network, Le Sport 10, said: Mbappe He works behind the scenes to convince French duo Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid) and Randall Kolo Mwani (Eintracht Frankfurt) to join Paris.

Signing a new striker will be urgent to compensate for the possible departure of the Argentine Lionel Messinext summer.

And the French network indicates that Griezmann, in particular, would be an ideal replacement for Messi.

Lionel’s contract with Paris expires this season, but there are no negotiations between the two parties now regarding renewal.

It is noteworthy that this is the first time that Griezmann has been associated with the move to Paris Saint-Germain in recent months, while the name Moani has been associated with playing in the “Princes Park”.

Kylian has a strong relationship with Griezmann and Moani in the French national team.

As for Lionel’s transfer to Al-Hilal Saudi Arabia, the president of Al-Hilal Saudi Club, Fahd bin Nafil, refused to comment on the possibility of bringing in the world champion to strengthen his ranks in the next season, considering that the group has “more important than one player.”

A source familiar with the negotiations revealed to Agence France-Presse that the best player in the world seven times will play with Al-Hilal under an “exceptional and huge” deal: “The Messi deal has been completed. He will play in Saudi Arabia next season,” without indicating the club he will play for.

He continued, “The contract is exceptional, it is huge. We are finalizing some small details.” While the player’s father and agent, Jorge, insisted that his 35-year-old son had not decided his destination yet, “there is no agreement with any club for the next year.”

Despite several reports linking Messi and Al-Hilal Club, sources with the record-holder in the number of times the Saudi League won told AFP that the capital team was not in direct contact with his French team, Paris Saint-Germain, whose contract with the “mosquito” expires at the end of June. June.

After Al-Hilal was crowned the Saudi King’s Cup title at the expense of Al-Wahda, by a penalty shootout 7-6 (1-1), Bin Nafel answered the journalists’ questions about the possibility of bringing in the Argentine star, saying, “Do not ask me about Messi.

I will not give you news. If anything comes out of the media center, you will receive it.”

In the analytical studio after the match, Ben Nafel said from the stadium, to the sound of the crowd’s shouts, “Messi, Messi”: “The group is more important to me than a player. Any star who comes to our club should know that we are a big club. We aim to add and improve. If you focus on someone, you lose the group.”

Al-Hilal partially compensated for its decline in the domestic league, which it achieved in the past three seasons, by winning the King’s Cup title, noting that it reached the Club World Cup final, where it lost to Spanish Real Madrid, and finally the AFC Champions League final when it lost its title to Japan’s Urawa Red Diamonds.

When asked about the possibility of completing the league with reserve players, Bin Nafel replied, “This is a matter for the coach alone.”