Raz Hershko in the battle for bronze at the World Championship

Esi Maman | 13/05/2023 10:42

Raz Hershko (Hagi Michaeli)

The judo teams celebrated the most prestigious medals last night with Amber Lanir’s gold and Peter Palaczyk’s bronze, but now they are putting it all aside. Today (Saturday) the Jewish woman Raz Hershko will appear and she will also try to reach the podium at the World Championships in Doha.

The 24-year-old Hershko is on an amazing Olympic campaign. The Jew from the women’s open weight, of 78 kg and above, won many medals in Grand Slams and also became the European runner-up, but there is only one podium she has not yet stood on – and that is the podium at the World Championships. Last year she finished fifth in the competition.

Raz Hershko wants to attack for a medal at the World Championships and officially become a candidate for an Olympic medal. Hershko opened the competition in Qatar in the second round against Christie-Rose Pretorius from Zimbabwe, whom she won on penalty kicks on the way to the third round, where she defeated the Chinese Xian Su with a spectacular win and advanced to the quarterfinals.

In the quarterfinals, she met Akira Sona for a tough fight, after all, the 22-year-old Japanese is an Olympic champion from Tokyo 2020 and four years ago she also won the world championship. In the end, Raz lost and went down to the consolation bracket, after the Japanese caught Vasari and continued to hang. In the consolation house, she defeated Kiera Sait from Turkey on penalty kicks and advanced to the battle for the bronze medal.