First in Spain: Barcelona can celebrate a derby championship

The 34th round in Spain will continue tomorrow (Sunday) and will center on the Catalan derby between Espanyol and Barcelona, ​​which Barcelona can reach as champions if Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid stumble before then. Xavi and his players will in any case celebrate winning the title if they take three points and return to celebrate at the expense of their city rival.

will cost 40 million euros. Gabri Viega | Imagebank GettyImages, Octavio Passos

Salta Vigo – Valencia (16:00)

Underground fight at Blaidos Stadium. Celta Vigo has won only once in the last seven rounds and is now only five points away from its rival Valencia, which is ahead of Getafe below the red line only thanks to the internal balance between them. Celta was actually in great momentum and in the midst of a streak of seven games without a loss from February to mid-April, but it was then that a winning streak began that only included a victory over Alchea, who had already been relegated to the minor league. Valencia has beaten Celta Vigo in all of the last four meetings and will hope to take advantage of the fact that Celta have Javi Gallan and Joseph Aydou suspended, but will also be missing Edinson Cavani and Thierry Coria.

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Elche – Atletico Madrid (17:15)

Atlético Madrid overtook Real Madrid by a point and established itself in second place in the table, and the goal of Diego Simeone and his apprentices is to keep it until the end of the season – knowing that a victory on the road will also postpone the championship celebrations of Barcelona, ​​who lead them by 13 points with 15 remaining in the cup. Atlético did falter during the season, but in recent weeks they are in the midst of a tremendous run and in fact in 2023 in the league they lost only two games to Barcelona, ​​winning nine of the last ten games. It is expected to continue the run against Elche, which has already been relegated to the minor league after three years in “La Liga”.

Yusuf An-Nasiri Seville
The head in the rematch against Juba, probably. An-Nasiri | Reuters

Valladolid – Sevilla (19:30)

Three consecutive losses have complicated Valladolid, who are now ahead of Valencia and Getafe by only one point, so the home game against Sevilla, who is close to guaranteeing their stay, is certainly an opportunity for them to at least gain another point for their balance – certainly if you look at the data and see that the last four meetings between the teams ended in 1: 1. Sevilla, thanks to a single loss in the last ten games in all formats, advanced to the semi-finals of the Europa League and also escaped to 10 points from the red line, will probably reach the rematch against Juventus with the head after the 1:1 in Turin on Thursday.

Osman Dembele Barcelona
Osman Dembele Barcelona | Reuters

Espanyol – Barcelona (22:00)

Barcelona will come to the derby as Spanish champions for the 2022/23 season if Atletico Madrid unexpectedly stumbles against Alcatel and Real Madrid do not win on Saturday evening, otherwise they will officially become the title winner for the first time since 2018/19 if they beat their city rival after two consecutive derbies that failed in the task. Espanyol did beat Getafe in the last home game, but it was the only victory they achieved in the last 10 rounds and they are in second to last place with 31 points, in real danger of relegation in light of a three point gap from Coast Mittimaim which may grow until the end of the round.

Although Barcelona is the best away team this season in “La Liga” with only three losses, a draw and 12 wins, but two setbacks outside the Camp Nou came in their last two games away from home – in a 0:0 against Getafe and then in the 2nd loss: 1 to Rayo Waikanu. The one who is expected to open for the last Catalan derby in his career is Sergio Busquets who announced this week that he will leave after 18 seasons at the club. Osman Dembele, who returned to the squad about two weeks ago, may start for the first time since he was injured at the end of January.

The cycle will close on Monday evening with the meeting between Betis and Rayo Vallecano.