Elneny’s father: My son will coach Arsenal

Elneny’s father: My son will coach Arsenal
Elneny’s father: My son will coach Arsenal

Louay Muhammed

Friday 8 July 2022

12:00 pm

Nasser El-Neny, father of Mohamed El-Neny, a star in the middle of Arsenal and the Egyptian national team, praised his son’s recent performance, expecting that he will coach the “Ganners” team in the future.

Elneny participated with the Egyptian national team in the 2021 African Nations Cup, as well as the two matches of the play-off round of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, but he missed the injury of the Guinea and Ethiopia matches in the qualifiers for the next edition of the continental championship, as well as the friendly match against South Korea.

Elneny renewed his contract with Arsenal at the end of last season, to continue his journey with the London team, after all expectations indicated his departure from the team this summer.

Nasser El-Nani said, in statements to MBC Egypt, “The period of Carlos Queiroz is one of the most beautiful periods of the Egyptian team, because there was stability and the players were playing a beautiful ball, but Ihab Jalal was subjected to injustice, especially with the absence of Mohamed Salah and Elneny for injury, and despite that the fans attacked the coach”.

He added, “Al-Nini was attacked with the Egyptian national team, but his performance in the African Nations Cup “raised my head”, and the team shook its performance earlier when El-Nini missed two matches.”

And the player’s father continued, “I was sure that Elneny would continue with Arsenal, and I told him that, even though everyone in Egypt was saying that he would leave the team this summer.”

He continued, “The Arsenal players love Elneny, he is loved among his colleagues in the dressing room, and the club’s management loves him, so I think he will coach Arsenal in the future.”

Then he added, “There must be studies on Mohamed Salah and Mohamed Elneny, the first is the top scorer in the English Premier League, and the other is “fighting in the rocks” in front of the strongest teams there.”

He concluded his statements by saying, “I tell Al-Nani that I am proud of you, you made me hold my head, whether because of your performance with the Egyptian national team, or with Arsenal, I do not think that there is a player who was able to play in Arsenal for 8 seasons, and I say to Mohamed Salah that you are the best player in the world and the pride of Egypt.”

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