3 clubs are waiting for him.. Will Musimani return to invade Africa from one of them?

3 clubs are waiting for him.. Will Musimani return to invade Africa from one of them?
3 clubs are waiting for him.. Will Musimani return to invade Africa from one of them?

Saturday, May 13, 2023

05:07 PM

The African job, Pitso Mosimane, coach of Al-Ahly Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is close to leaving his team, after he led it to the Premier League, “Roshen”.

Musimani took over the training of the Al-Ahly team last October, after passing through 5 rounds of the “Yellow” league, in which the team ranked seventh with 8 points, 4 points behind Al-Okhdood Al-leading.
Musimani played 26 matches with Al-Ahly, scoring 57 points, winning 17 matches, 65%, drawing 6 matches, losing 3 matches, and officially promoted to the Premier League.

Musimani published a design through his Twitter account, appending it with a comment: “The mission has been accomplished, and the project was completed within 8 months, in a new country on a new continent in a different language. In the Arabic language, they say “salvation” meaning that it has been completed. “.

And Al-Ahly Jeddah had announced last September, specifically with the start of the twenty-fifth day of it, that he had signed a contract with South African Pitso Musimane to lead his team in the Yellow League – the Saudi First Division League.

The last period witnessed speculation about the departure of the South African coach from Al-Ahly Jeddah.

And in light of Musimani’s departure from Al-Ahly Jeddah approaching, there is a possibility that he will return to Africa through the portal of one of the clubs that is currently looking for a coach in preparation for the next season after leaving the Champions League.

Perhaps the most prominent names that Musimani’s name may be associated with during the coming period are the Tunisian Esperance, Moroccan Raja and Pyramids.


Coach Nabil Maaloul announced his resignation from leading the first football team at the Tunisian Esperance Club, less than 24 hours after losing against Al-Ahly, by 3 goals.

Esperance was defeated (3-0) by Al-Ahly, in a match that brought them together yesterday evening, Friday, at Rades Stadium, in the first leg of the African Champions League semi-finals.

Maaloul submitted his resignation from the Tunisian Esperance coaching club, through his official page on the social networking site, Facebook

For his part, Tariq Diab, the legend of the Esperance club and the former Tunisian national team, described the defeat that the people of Bab Souika suffered against Al-Ahly by three clean goals as a “scandal”, calling for the departure of the club’s management and coach Nabil Maaloul.

Diab said in statements on BN Sports: “What happened in Rades is a scandal by all standards for Taraji, this is the worst version of Taraji.” It is the weakest version of Esperance in Africa.

And he continued: “It was Esperance who revived this coach (Nabil Maaloul), and gave him the opportunity to shine and lead a great team and the Tunisian national team after that. This coach insulted Esperance and he must leave the club.” Al-Ahly.

Musimani may be the perfect choice for the Tunisian Esperance team, in the event of contact with him in the coming period as a replacement for Nabil Maaloul, in light of the great experience that the South African coach possesses, whether with Al-Ahly or Sundowns.


The Moroccan team, Raja, was eliminated from the quarter-finals of the African Champions League, at the hands of Al-Ahly, after losing in Cairo with two goals without a response, before tying goallessly in the second leg.
During the coming period, the Moroccan team suffers from poor results under the leadership of Tunisian coach Mounzer Al-Kabir, whether at the local or continental level.

At the league level, the Moroccan team, Raja, is in fifth place in the ranking table, with a score of 35, and is threatened with losing the qualifying seat for the African Champions League or the Confederation.

The Moroccan Raja administration may consider ousting coach Munther Al-Kabir, in light of what happened weeks ago with Wydad coach Carlos Garrido, and bringing in another coach.

And in the event that Munther Al-Kabir is removed from the position of coach of the Raja team, Pitso Musimani will be an option to take over the technical leadership of the Moroccan team.


The Pyramids team is going through a difficult season under the leadership of its Portuguese coach, in light of the loss of 3 titles so far, and the team is far from winning the league also this season.

Pyramids lost, with Pacheco, the Egypt Cup and the Super Cup at the hands of Al-Ahly, in addition to exiting the African Confederation Championship.

And in the event that Musimani thinks about returning to Africa, Pyramids will be among the available clubs, especially in light of the financial support that will be available to him, and he will not find it with the Tunisian Esperance or the Moroccan Raja.

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