What we showed in front of Al-Ahly fans confirms our ability to face the Wydad stands

What we showed in front of Al-Ahly fans confirms our ability to face the Wydad stands
What we showed in front of Al-Ahly fans confirms our ability to face the Wydad stands

Ibrahim Ali

Saturday, May 13, 2023

12:04 PM

Rolani Mokoena, coach of the Sundowns club, confirmed that his team is able to face the fans of the Moroccan team Wydad, as the South African team did in Cairo in front of the fans of Al-Ahly club.

Sundowns will visit its counterpart, Wydad, on Saturday evening, in the first leg of the CAF Champions League semi-finals.

“It will be important how we accommodate the Wydad fans,” Mokoena said in remarks before the match, reported by the South African newspaper Sowetanlive. “This team has already shown in Cairo that we can play with hostile fans outside our land.”

He added, “We did it in Algeria as well, where we played under a hostile and aggressive crowd. In the Champions League, you always have to get used to playing in difficult matches away from the ground.”

He continued, “Especially in this type of competition where there are a lot of strong teams, but we are happy to be here and we want to stay in this competition.”

Mokoena continued: “To stay in the competition means we have to play every game and win, at the same time we want to enjoy this moment and try to create memories that will last.”

And he continued: “It comes with performing in front of a very energetic and intimidating audience. I can assure you that we will enjoy the atmosphere, because this is the energy that he gives to our team and we will do our best to perform well because without that we know that we have no chance to win the football match against Wydad.”

The Sundowns coach stressed: “We are excited to be here and have this opportunity to play in an important competition for our club. We are excited to be in the semi-finals against a great team like Wydad. We are fully prepared and ready for the match.”

He continued: “We have done a lot of good work, and it is a very complex approach, and we understand where the strengths and weaknesses of Wydad come from. They are a good team with defensive strength, and with great experience with distinguished players.”

And the Sundowns coach concluded: “As I said, we are playing in a difficult stadium with a difficult crowd, and in front of a good team, but I am sure they know that we are a good team as well, and I think it will be a good match.”

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