Choose the coach of the season in the Premier League

ONE’s season picks project together with The football players’ organization, Toto, Migdal insurance company, OPEL and Adidas continue. Also this season, we will select the outstanding players of the season of the Premier Soccer League, the National League, League A and the Women’s Premier League.

The surfers will make up 40% of the selection, the football players in the Premier League according to the category will make up another 40% of the selection, another 10% from the Premier League coaches and another 10% from a special committee shared with the organization of football players and players together with ONE. And this time: Coach of the season in the Premier League.

Ziv Arya

It’s not always easy to “eat him” in interviews after a game, but from a professional point of view, Ziv Arie is definitely listed as the biggest surprise of the season. After leaving the team in the league in the late stages of the season last year, this season Aryeh has already turned it into a real top team in the top playoffs, one that beat Maccabi Haifa and Maccabi Tel Aviv not in a bunker, but in impressive football displays.

Elyaniv Barda

There were those who raised an eyebrow when Alona Barkat transferred Eliniv Berda from the position of professional manager to the position of coach, some thought it was temporary, but the legend of Hapoel Beer Sheva proved that he is a tremendous professional, and they saw the results on the field, when Hapoel Beer Sheva played the best football for long parts of the season in the league

Eliniv Barda (Reuven Schwartz)

Ran Ben Shimon

The coach’s second top playoff in the last three years at MS Ashdod. Ran Ben Shimon continues to establish his status as one of the top Israeli coaches and for good reason his name is linked to Maccabi Haifa as the replacement of Barak Bachar. Ashdod looks great under him and is not afraid to look any opponent in the eye.

Ran Ben Shimon (Radad Jabara)

Barak Bacher

What more is left to say about this coach. At the age of 43, Bacher is on his way to equaling David Schweitzer and Dror Kashtan as the best coach to win the championship with a sixth championship, as he is on his way to record a historic achievement as the one who for the first time in the history of Israeli football leads a team to the championship in a season in which it plays in the group stage of the Champions League. He encountered quite a few difficulties and injuries and as usual managed every crisis in the best possible way on the way to another major championship. Maccabi Haifa already misses him.

Barak Becher (Omari Stein)

Ran Kozhuk

After Benny Lam left his position following a failed start to the season in which Maccabi Netanya deteriorated to below the red line, Eyal Segal gave Ran Kozhuk the keys and did not regret it. Netanya was simply reborn under the young coach in his first season as head coach in the Premier League, became one of the attractive teams in the league, deservedly finished in the top playoffs and the highlight – reached the cup final.

Ran Kozhuk (Nissan Aish)

Sharon Mimer

The coach joined Maccabi Benny Raina last September, received a lot of patience and freedom of action from the management of the team that was promoted from the national league, and succeeded in his mission to keep it in the Premier League. During the season, he surprised Beitar Jerusalem and may even end up as the only coach this season to take points from Maccabi Haifa at the Sami Ofer Stadium, where his team finished 0:0 against the Carmel Greens.

Sharon Mimer (Hajaj Rahel)

Yossi Aboxis

The coach of Beitar Jerusalem received the team in a difficult situation. He didn’t know at all whether he would play in the Premier League or in League A this season, when the question of money, the budget and the dissolution of the club were also on the agenda, but Aboksis managed to fulfill the task he set for himself and led Beitar to the final of the State Cup and a good season compared to what they expected, including reaching into the top playoff area with a good mid-season run.

Yossi Aboksis (Reuven Schwartz)