That’s how United missed Holland

ONE | system 13/05/2023 15:00
Erling Holland vs. Raphael Varane (Reuters)

Many times in football you hear about cases where a player was missed for a team, and then exploded somewhere else and caused regrets in the club that gave him up. This case is even more extreme than usual, and it involves Arling Holland, Manchester United and the former coach of the Red Devils.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who played for Manchester United, recommended the Red Club to sign Erling Holland, a native player at the time who had scored 20 goals in 50 appearances, for a measly amount of only four million euros. As mentioned, Manchester United refused to listen to the former player who at that time coached the Norwegian talent who finally arrived at Red Bull Salzburg, from there to Borussia Dortmund and at the beginning of this season he moved to the city rival, Manchester City in exchange for 60 million euros.

“I called United about six months before I took the position,” he said Solskjaer In an interview: “I told them about a striker with crazy potential who plays for me, but of course they didn’t listen. I asked them for four million euros for him in total, and they refused.”

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

The Norwegian giant who scored 51 goals in his 47 appearances this season in the Citizens uniform told in an interview about the correspondence between him and Solskjaer after signing with City: “When I signed here, he congratulated me and wrote that it was a huge step for my career, and that I wish you the best of luck for going to the wrong side of Manch A slap”.


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