An Israeli team in a European final, a derby before that

Hapoel Jerusalem will play tomorrow (Sunday) at 21:00 in the final of the FIBA ​​Champions League against Bonn of Germany. A historic final, which does not happen every day for teams in Israeli basketball. A great and honorable achievement of the Jerusalemites, who should have given the team all the focus hours before the final the big

But that didn’t stop the wise men in the basketball league administration from scheduling the Tel Aviv basketball derby in which Maccabi Tel Aviv will host Hapoel Tel Aviv at 6:30 p.m. A game with great importance in terms of the final positions.

In Hapoel Jerusalem, rightly so, they are angry with the manager and senior members of the group have criticized the conduct of the manager and the fixing of this game. The Jerusalemites are right, tomorrow Israeli basketball should have made a holiday with the Jerusalem achievement.

The management said in response to this that: “There is no way and no later date that we could have scheduled the game. The playoffs must start on Monday.” You will also want the manager with an example when the semi-final stage was played yesterday: “At this very moment, Real Madrid is playing against Valencia, and at the same time, Malaga is in the semi-finals. On Sunday, during the final, in Ascona – Barcelona, ​​there is another Valencia game. When there is no choice, there is no choice.”

When it’s convenient, the administration takes examples from Europe and when it’s not convenient, they say other things, but that’s what happens when the administration lets the teams manage the schedule of games and determine, because the Tel Aviv derby should have already been played.

At the time they went with Maccabi Tel Aviv’s determination, and we see that the schedule of games is simply not managed properly. Let’s hope that in the future the incoming chairman of the board, Ari Steinberg, will start to change what is needed.