Sharon Mimer: “I’m on the verge of concluding another season in Rayna”

Sharon Mimer: “I’m on the verge of concluding another season in Rayna”
Sharon Mimer: “I’m on the verge of concluding another season in Rayna”

Hapoel Haifa ended a complex season in a good way today (Saturday) with an impressive 0:4 over Bnei Rayna in the 33rd and last round of the lower playoffs. Now the two teams, who guaranteed the stay before the game, go to the break. Sharon Mimer did lose, but he confirmed that he is expected to continue for another season in the team.

Sharon MimerRayna’s coach, tried to look on the positive side: “We had some good moments, we dominated in the first half like we haven’t dominated all season. We got to the dangerous areas and didn’t do the right things, we suffered two outbursts after a game in which we dominated. Pretty naive goals, pretty silly, But it could be that in those moments all the lineup changes took a toll. There was a drop in tension, we had a great season. A dream for us, we stayed in the league one round before the last with teams that have huge advantages over us. We wanted to win, unfortunately we didn’t do enough.”

Mimar continued: “I had a good conversation with the owner Saeed Basul, there is progress, but I am still not closed in Reina for next season, on the verge of a conclusion. When I close in Reina I will give more details, but right now this club is building itself. We closed our first year in the league, we rose quickly from the lower leagues Raina needs to build a club first, step by step. If I take her room, which they also said came for a passing episode and proved that she is here to stay. If Raina does the right things, there is no reason why she shouldn’t survive as long as possible. Beyond that, these are special things, you need to build a good squad and hurt good players. It can develop beyond staying.”

Shlomi Azulay He continued: “A painful way to end the season. This game annoyed me, there is a drop in tension after we secured stay. I feel that I didn’t suffer from a drop in tension, but it looks like a catastrophe. In the first half we got into a lot of situations, the game could have gone here and there. All their attack went in All in all, we kept Reina in the league and that was the main goal, no matter how. There were good results, against Maccabi Haifa for example, but we achieved our goal and that’s the most important thing.”

Celebrations in Hapoel Haifa (Kobi Eliyahu)

Roni Levythe coach of the winner, said: “It’s fun to finish the league with a victory and leave the break with a good taste, but we know there is a lot of work. We have plans and we are thinking about many options. Hapoel Haifa has had a good skeleton in recent years, obviously part of it is changing for reasons like this or Otherwise. We have a lot of work, we work every day to find solutions. There were players who played more and less and there is no doubt about them, there are many changes. It’s a long summer that requires a lot of work and thought.”

Dor Malol, The scorer of the penalty, commented: “A player from Marina approached me after the first penalty was disallowed and I knew I would score, I’m glad it went in. God willing. Next season? We’ll sit down, talk and see what the team leaders want. As far as I’m concerned, I’ll give my all for Hapoel Haifa, I’m connected to the club and I love it I had the privilege of wearing the captain’s armband for him for the third or fourth year, it’s an honorable club in my eyes and I’m proud of it. If it’s possible for me to be here next year, I’d be more than happy. I really hope this isn’t my last game here at Hapoel Haifa.”

Malol continued: “We had a bad start that affected us, it was difficult for us to come back. We managed to put together several significant victories throughout the season and stabilize ourselves more or less, we had a slim chance for the playoffs. We reached the lower playoffs, overall we made a good playoff and finished in place The seventh from what I understand now. This is what Yoav set for us in the lower playoffs, we met this task at least.”

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