Ready for the final? Beitar Y-M lost 3:2 to Ironi KS

The outstanding actor

Ready-for-the-final-Beitar-Y-M-lost-32-tItamar Shabiru, score: 7
Was great in the attack and started the blitz of the northerners that led to the victory

The disappointing player

1684003319_228_Ready-for-the-final-BeitaAvishai Cohen, score: 4
Wasn’t good enough defensively, could have done more

Ready for the state cup final? As part of the 33rd round of the lower playoffs and the last for the season, Beitar Jerusalem was hosted tonight (Saturday) by Ironi Kiryat Shmona and lost to them 3:2. The yellow-blacks, in their general rehearsal before the cup final against Netanya which will be held in ten days, suffered a loss against the relegated Laomit, who won for the first time at home this season in the league.

Yossi Abouxis’ team started the game in a great way and controlled the tempo, but were unable to find the back of the net, with Thoma and Asperia missing glaring opportunities. Before the end of the half, the northerners went on a blitz when Itamar Shabiru (36), Aid Habashi (penalty, 44) and Roi Kehat (45+1) defeated the yellow team’s goal.

Later, the Jerusalemites took control of the game, and managed to get their reward a little late with a goal by Danilo Asperia in the 80th minute, who scored his second two minutes later. The yellows tried to equalize the result but failed, and finally lost 3:2.

Slobodan Drapich’s team as mentioned went down to the National League with a sweet taste, while on the other hand the yellow-blacks will have to work hard for the fateful match against Maccabi Netanya in the final of the State Cup, which will be held in about ten days.

second half

  • ’90+2
  • acidification
  • Danilo Asperia lifted a high ball from the left wing towards the far post, Jordan Shua caught it but was unable to get his foot in properly and collected Tzur the page
  • ’89
  • yellow card
  • Yellow card for Roi Kehat
  • ’88
  • yellow card
  • Yellow card for Uri Dahan
  • ’82
  • Gate
  • Gate! Beitar Jerusalem narrowed to 3:2: The Jerusalemites are starting to come back? Yon Nicolasco raced with the ball and left Danilo Asperia free in the area, the latter did not get confused and scored his and his team’s second
  • ’80
  • Gate
  • Gate! Beitar Jerusalem narrowed to 3:1: a high ball was lifted into the box, Danilo Asperia managed to get his foot in and score the first of the yellow-blacks
  • ’77
  • spare
  • Oral Degny left, Sergey Borodin entered
Jordan Shua against Kiryat Shmona city players (Nisan Aish)
  • ’73
  • acidification
  • Jordan Shua put a ball in to Leon Nicolasco, but the latter missed and the ball went to the corner
  • ’70
  • spare
  • Ivan Becher replaced Nir Drori
  • ’70
  • spare
  • Adi Yona entered in place of Tamir Adi
Jordan Shua in action (Nisan Aish)
  • ’65
  • acidification
  • Avishai Cohen was free and swung his leg from a distance, but Asaf Tzur collected the input and put it away to the corner
  • ’57
  • spare
  • Yair Mordechai entered, Roy Harel left
  • ’57
  • spare
  • Shalio Desta entered, Timothy Mozzi left
  • ’57
  • spare
  • Triple substitution in the city of Kiryat Shmona: Itamar Shabiru is out, Muhammad Abu Rumi is in
Timothy Mozzi takes over (Nisan Aish)
  • ’54
  • acidification
  • A good attack by the northerners ended with a kick by Nir Drori that Miguel Silva caught
  • ’46
  • spare
  • Lee-On Mizrahi replaced Grigory Morozov

first half

  • ’45+1
  • Gate
  • Gate! Ironi Kiryat Shmona rose to 0:3: the Jerusalemites are falling apart. Roi Kehat found himself free in the box and scored the third for the locals
  • ’45
  • Gate
  • Gate! Ironi Kiryat Shmona went up 0:2: after Assolin checked a penalty in VAR, Aid Habashi went to the penalty spot and did not get confused with Miguel Silva
  • ’42
  • yellow card
  • Yellow card for Grigory Morozov
Kiryat Shmona players celebrate (Nisan Aish)
  • ’36
  • Gate
  • Gate! Ironi Kiryat Shmona went up to 0:1: a great offensive move by the northerners ended with a tremendous pass by Roy Harel to Itamar Shebiru, who did not get confused and subdued the yellows
  • ’29
  • acidification
  • Another great attack by the Jerusalemites, when Terzi Toma found Jordan Shua who kicked a round to the far corner, but the ball slipped past Assaf Tzur’s connections
  • ’27
  • yellow card
  • Yellow card for Itamar Shapiro
Sanin Sabai vs. Gregory Morozov (Nisan Aish)
  • ’23
  • acidification
  • Sanin Sabai was free in the box, but left-footed wide
  • ’22
  • acidification
  • Yoon Nicolasco took a ball from outside the box and kicked it herself, but Tzur collected a pass and headed to the corner
  • ’21
  • offside
  • Itamar Shabiru had already rolled the ball into the net, but the linesman raised the flag for Nabadel
Sanin Sabai tackles Jordan Shua (Nisan Aish)
  • ’17
  • acidification
  • Another big situation for Jerusalemites. Jordan Shua put in another masterful ball for Danilo Asperia, who had already passed Itai Ben Shabbat but missed the frame
  • ’14
  • acidification
  • Jordan Shua put a big ball into Terzi Toma, but the latter was unable to get into a good kicking position and Assaf Tzur prevented him from scoring
  • 6
  • acidification
  • Timothy Mozzi collected a good ball for Sanin Sabai, the latter kicked the ball out of the air but over the frame
  • ‘1
  • Judge's decision
  • The referee Ohad Assolin kicked off the match!
The players of Beit
Kiryat Shmona city players (Nisan Aish)
Jerusalem Beit