Ismaily defeats Zamalek 2/1 in the Egyptian League

The Ismaili team achieved a dear victory over Zamalek, with a score of 2/1, in the match that brought them together, this evening, Saturday, at Ismailia Stadium, within the framework of the twenty-seventh round of the league championship.

The Ismaili goal was scored by Yao Anwar in the 20th minute of the match, and Mohamed Ashraf Rouqa, the player of Zamalek, scored the second goal for the dervishes by mistake, and in the 38th minute Ibrahima Nday scored the only goal for Zamalek.

With this result, Ismaili’s balance rises to 29 points and continues in 14th place, while Zamalek’s balance is frozen at 43 points and continues in fourth place in the league table.

First half events

The match started with enthusiasm and strength for the Ismaili team, and in the 5th minute, Firas Shawat missed a goal for the dervishes, after he hit the ball and hit the post, and the Ismaili remained in a state of pressure amid defensive insurance for the White Knight.

With the 15th minute, Zamalek almost surprised the dervishes with the goal of advancing, and in the 20th minute, Yaw Anwar, the Ismaili player, scored the goal of advancing his team against Mohamed Sobhi, and the referee, Mohamed Adel, returned to the mouse technique and confirmed the validity of the goal after he was summoned due to a mistake on the Ismaili against Ibrahima Nday during the operation. Preparing for the goal.

In the 28th minute, Ahmed Madbouly hit a missile ball that hit the crossbar, depriving Ismaily of the opportunity for the second goal.

In the 31st minute, Ibrahima Nday hit a ball with the left foot, which hit the Ismaili goal from outside, and in the 38th minute, Samson Akinola gifted a ball to Ibrahima Nday, who scored the equalizer.

In the 40th minute, Mohamed Fawzy, the Ismaili goalkeeper, suffered a knee injury, leaving the stadium crying, and Ahmed Adel Abdel Moneim entered instead.

The events of the second half

With the start of the second half, Zamalek tried to press for the goal of progress, after which Ismaili regained possession, and in the 58th minute, Ashraf Rouqa scored an own goal by mistake, so that the Dervishes advanced with the second goal.

In the 61st minute, Mahmoud Al-Wensh suffered a knee injury, after a strong intervention from the Ismaili player Yao Anwar, and Al-Wensh left the stadium and Sayed Neymar entered instead of him, and Samson Akinola left and Saif Farouk Jaafar entered.

And Zamalek’s pressure continued in an attempt to equalize, but they were attacks without significant danger, at a time when Ismaily tried to rely on counterattacks and take advantage of the rush of Al-Abyad players.

The formation of the two teams

The formation of Zamalek in the match included: Goalkeeper: Mohamed Sobhi, Defense Line: Hatem Sukkar – Mahmoud Hamdi “Al-Wensh” – Hossam Abdel Majeed – Mahmoud Shabana, Midfield: Mohamed Ashraf “Rouqa” – Ahmed Sayed “Zizou” – Mahmoud Abdel. Al-Razek “Shikabala”, the offensive line: Mustafa Shalaby – Samson Akinola – Ibrahima Nday.

And on the bench were: Muhammad Nadim, Mustafa Al-Zanari, Muhammad Tariq, Sayed Abdullah “Neymar”, Saif Jaafar, Muhammad Hossam “Beso”, Ahmed Belhadj, Youssef Osama Nabih and Samson Akinola.

The Ismaili formation came as follows: Goalkeepers: Mohamed Fawzy, Defense: Mohamed Hashem, Baher Al-Mohammadi, Essam Sobhi, Mohamed Desouki, Middle: Sergey Aka, Emad Hamdy, Mohamed Al-Shami, Ahmed Madbouly, Yaw Anwar, Attack: Firas Al-Shawat.

The Ismaili list to face Zamalek witnessed the exclusion of: Hassan Saber, Ahmed Mohsen, Hamdi Al-Naqaz, Muhammad Sobhi, Omar Al-Wahsh, Muhammad Abdel-Samie, and Saleh Jumaa for technical reasons, while Muhammad Hassan was absent from suspension, and Abdel-Rahman Magdy and Muhammad Koko were injured.

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