Surprise .. Bruno Savio is threatened with suspension before the start of his career with Al-Ahly of Egypt

The Brazilian Bruno Savio, the new Egyptian Al-Ahly player, is threatened with suspension, before starting his career with the Red Team.

Al-Ahly announced, on Tuesday evening, its contract with Bruno Savio for a period of 3 seasons, with the right to extend for a fourth season, coming from the Bolivian team Bolivar.

Although the player has already left the ranks of Al-Ahly, the Bolivian Football Association announced the opening of an investigation with Bruno Savio, due to a crisis with one of the referees in the local league.

According to the Bolivian newspaper, “paginasiete”, the disciplinary court opened an investigation against the former Bolivar player, due to the “physical assault” of referee Jade Flores, in the match that his team won 3-0 against Club Olois Reddy in the Bolivian league.

What did Bruno Savio do?

The incident dates back to September 5, when Savio objected to the referee’s decision to expel his colleague Roberto Fernandez at the end of the first half, before the referee issued another red card in the face of the new Al-Ahly player.

The newspaper “paginasiete” stated that the referee’s report stated that the expulsion was due to “unsportsmanlike behaviour”.

The referee said in his report: “The player committed violent behavior (hitting the referee’s front) using insults and harsh language, and after the red card was announced, Savio repeated the violent behavior (hitting the referee in the chest), in addition to hitting the referee’s front again.”

Hours after the match, the 28-year-old came out with an apology to the fans and officials, in which he confirmed his apology for what he had done in the match, after 8 years of professional football in which such behavior was not issued.

However, the newspaper confirmed that as part of the operation, Savio was summoned to be investigated next Friday, September 16, in the Bolivian capital, La Paz.

What is the truth about stopping Bruno Savio?

The Bolivian newspaper “la-razon” indicated that it is expected that Bruno will be suspended for 3 matches, but the official decision has not yet been issued.

Although the newspaper “paginasiete” confirmed that the possible suspension penalty would not affect the player’s participation with Al-Ahly in the event of a transfer to him, a regulations expert confirmed that the disciplinary penalty follows the player.

“FIFA regulations in competitions and discipline stipulate that the penalty follows the player,” said Mohamed Bayoumi, a regulations expert, in statements to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Watan.

He added: “If Savio’s suspension was for obtaining a red card as a result of a strong intervention or the like, the penalty does not apply to him if the player moves to another club, but if the penalty is disciplinary, the penalty follows the player according to the laws related to the transfer of players from one club to another.”

And the regulations expert continued: “For example, if Savio was issued a disciplinary penalty for 3 matches as a result of his clash with the referee, the law stipulates that the player must apply the penalty in the nearest competition in which he participates, regardless of whether this competition is internal or external.”

And he concluded: “Al-Ahly is the one who should ask the player’s previous club about whether or not there is a disciplinary penalty against the player, and if a penalty was issued and it was not implemented by Al-Ahly and the player participated in any match for Al-Ahly, the opponent club has the right to protest against the outcome of the match.”

What does the FIFA list say in the Bruno Savio incident?

The “FIFA” list contains a clause threatening Savio with suspension after joining Al-Ahly, specifically in Article 12, which concerns the implementation of disciplinary sanctions.

The article states that if any disciplinary sanction of up to a 4-match ban or even 3 months has been imposed on a player by the previous association and has not been fully implemented by the time of his transfer to another club, the dispatch shall be made to implement the penalty in the new association at the local level.

And the regulation continued: “When the international player transfer card is issued, the former federation (the Bolivian Football Association) must notify the new federation (the Egyptian Football Association) via the TMS system of any such disciplinary sanction that has not yet been implemented.”

And she continued: “If any disciplinary sanction is imposed on a player by suspending him for more than 4 matches or more than 3 months, it will be applied by the new association that registered the player, only if the disciplinary committee of the International Federation (FIFA) extends the disciplinary penalty to have an impact around the world. When the international player transfer card is issued, the former association must notify the new association via TMS.


This comes at a time when Bruno Savio participated in Al-Ahly’s group training for the first time on Wednesday morning at the “Mukhtar Al-Teach” stadium on the island.

It is worth noting that Al-Ahly will start its matches in the new season in the 32nd round of the African Champions League, facing the winner of the match between the Rwandan army and the Monastir Sports Federation, where the first match will be held on the eighth of next October, with the return match taking place on the 15th of the same the month.

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