“With all due respect, we will not pay 2 million euros for Kartsev”

Spanish league 22-23

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Cycle 7 – 09/30/2022

  • Athletic Bilbao
  • Friday, 30/09, 22:00
  • Almeria
  • Cadiz
  • Saturday, 01/10, 15:00
  • Villarreal
  • Getafe
  • Saturday, 01/10, 17:15
  • Valladolid
  • Seville
  • Saturday, 01/10, 19:30
  • Athletico Madrid
  • Majorca
  • Saturday, 01/10, 22:00
  • Barcelona
  • Espanyol
  • Sunday, 02/10, 15:00
  • Valencia
  • Celta de Vigo
  • Sunday, 02/10, 17:15
  • in flight
  • Girona
  • Sunday, 02/10, 19:30
  • Real Sociedad
  • Real Madrid
  • Sunday, 02/10, 22:00
  • Ossona
  • We saw it
  • Monday, 03/10, 22:00
  • Alecha

Doron Ben Dor 09/20/2022 08:50

Aden Kartsev in training at Maccabi Netanya (Reuven Schwartz)

Maccabi Haifa do not hide their desire to strengthen themselves with another Israeli player, but as the days go by it seems that the possibility of adding one of these is getting smaller and smaller. The desire to get stronger is mainly due to the fact that Mahmoud Jaber has not yet recovered from an injury and recently Ali Muhammad was also injured.

The injuries to the midfielders led to the fact that the captain Neta Lavi and Mohammed Abu Fani had to carry all the burden on them, something that was well reflected in the 3:0 to Hapoel Jerusalem, so the two, like the rest of the players, looked drained and completely exhausted.

Among the names that came up recently as options for reinforcement, was also the name of Aden Kartsev from Maccabi Netanya. The high financial demands involved in joining the national team’s midfielder deterred the people of Haifa who said: “With all due respect to the desire to get stronger, and there is such a desire, we will not pay two million euros for Karatsev.”

In the meantime, the hard defeat against the Jerusalemites managed to somewhat cool the whole show around the big game against PSG. The general feeling is that Maccabi Haifa reached maximum exhaustion in the game against the French, so much so that it went up to Teddy Stadium lacking energy.

Maccabi Haifa players are disappointed (Oren Ben Hakon)

Barak Becher was convinced that the strong lineup he started against the French would do the job in the league as well, but in retrospect it can be said that it was a mistake that he did not perform a point rotation. Just last weekend, Daniel Sondgren underwent comprehensive cardiopulmonary tests and still went up 11 against the team from the capital. Although the tests were successful and no worrisome findings were found, it seemed that Sondgren could be allowed to rest.

Another player who craves minutes and strives to recover his ability from the previous season is Dean David, who this year following the arrival of Franzi Pierro, is not playing the role of striker that led him to success in the previous season and is finding it difficult to use up his ability. Despite this, David was taken into consideration for Maccabi Tel Aviv, as was Ali Muhammad.

Bacher: “We have all failed as a system”


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