Ismail Al Gergawi: Our clubs’ apology for external participation is a mistake

Ismail Al Gergawi: Our clubs’ apology for external participation is a mistake
Ismail Al Gergawi: Our clubs’ apology for external participation is a mistake

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The Sharjah Women’s Sports Club team lost to Smouha of Alexandria by 51 points, with a score of 45-96, in the match that brought them together at Bir Shallouf Hall in their first match in the first group of the Arab Championship for Women’s Basketball Clubs, hosted by the Tunisian Al-Amal Club.

On the other hand, Major General M. Ismail Al Gergawi, President of the Arab and UAE Basketball Federations, reiterated his regret for the absence of the Emirates clubs from participating in the 34th edition of the Arab Men’s Basketball Club Championship scheduled in Kuwait during the period from 5 to 15 October next, with the participation of 16 teams.

In response to a recent fiery statement issued by the Sharjah Club, Al Gergawi spoke about the reason for the nomination of the Sharjah Club before his apology for participating. , Ruler of Sharjah.

Al Gergawi added: We took into account the team’s ability to honor the state in a major sporting event hosted by the Kuwaiti brothers with whom we have a historical relationship. And the Gulf title holder in 2018 and 2019 and had previously participated last year in the last Arab championship in Alexandria, despite the difficult circumstances he faced before traveling, and Sharjah is the only Emirati team to win the Arab championship that was held in the capital Abu Dhabi in 2011.
He stressed, “Participation in the Arab Club Championship provides our clubs with the opportunity to interact with strong and ancient teams in the field of the game, which is positively reflected in local competitions.”

Al-Gergawi concluded his statements, calling on the UAE clubs to reconsider the issue of apologizing for foreign participation, and keenness to be present in the Arab championships, whose federation is led by one of the sons of the Emirates.

The Sharjah Sports Club, in an official statement, denounced previous statements by Al Gergawi, in which he said that the Sharjah team’s apology for not participating in the Arab Club Championship “came according to individual decisions”, in reference to its coach. In his statement, Sharjah refused to “download the Sharjah Sports Club. The Basketball Association failed to convince the clubs to participate in the Arab Championship.”

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