Hativ: “We are waiting for Bnei Yehuda”, Marten: “The lottery is not easy”

Today (Wednesday) the draw for the 7th round of the State Cup was held in which the National League teams entered the tournament. The coaches of the different teams commented on the interesting meetings after the draw.

Roman Zuluthe coach of MS Dimona, refers to the meeting against Hapoel Afula, where he lives and even coached in the past: “Pleasant feelings. It’s always fun to meet the team you coached in the past and had success with. As a resident, I’m happy that we’re meeting each other. There’s still a month until the game and So there are quite a few important league games. We will come and beat Afula.”

Shadi is cutethe coach of Hapoel Buaina, on the draw against Haifa Scouts Football Club from League C: “This is a good draw. We will not underestimate them, however, they got to this stage. We will play football as we know how. We come to win with all our strength and dream of the Premier League team in the next stage”.

Ali Khativthe coach of Ihud Bnei Shafaram: “We are waiting impatiently for Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv. It’s not an easy draw, but as far as I’m concerned, every team from League A or from the National League is equal. At our house, in front of our crowd and the setting that will be there, I believe everything will be good.”

The Hapoel Bekat Jordan, who were drawn against Tiberias City, said: “It is not certain that we will be able to play in Moshav Tomer, on our humble home field. We received the hardest draw we could have asked for, but in a given game, anything is possible. This is an experience for the players, we hope to bring many fans from the region who will enjoy the match and the status This will be a holiday for the Jordan Valley, any result will be accepted with love.”

David Martenthe coach of Hapoel Marmorak: “We went through two stages and reached the stage where the National League teams join. This is not an easy draw, certainly outside, against a team that only played in the Premier League last season (Nof HaGalil). The goal is to go through another stage and it will be interesting, that’s for sure.” .

Cedar in Nudisthe coach of Hapoel Herzliya, commented on the meeting with Hapoel Rishon Lezion: “For us, a trophy means coming to play, giving everything and going through a phase. I can say from what I saw that Hapoel Rishon Lezion is the team with the best form in the national league. This is not an easy away game, but we will know Give everything and come enjoy.”

Cedar in Nudis (Shahar Gros)

Shlomi Shlomo, coach of M.K. Yeremiahu Holon, on the meeting with Bnei Jedidah: “We do not underestimate any opponent. We know that the cup has its own rules. Any team that comes below League A will come to win and be the Cinderella of the cup. We will get where it takes to get the ticket to the next level.”

Hapoel Azor reported: “Maccabi Ahi Nazareth is an excellent and strong team. It would be better for us not to go to the north. It’s no fun, it’s not a particularly attractive lottery. We’ll do everything we can to represent the city with respect.”

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