Bolsic violated his coach’s orders and scored against Real Madrid

Bolsic violated his coach’s orders and scored against Real Madrid
Bolsic violated his coach’s orders and scored against Real Madrid

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The captain of the United States national team and Chelsea star, Kristen Bolsic, revealed the reasons for the deterioration of his relationship with his former German coach Thomas Tuchel, and admitted that he felt like a fool after leaving him on the bench in the Champions League semi-final second leg, despite scoring a goal in the first leg against Real Madrid.
Bolsic said that Tuchel told him that he would rest him against Fulham before the second leg of Europe against Real, but he changed his mind and chose his compatriot Kai Haveritz in his place.
“Christian Bolsic, my career so far,” says Bolsic in his autobiography to be published on October 18: “What happened before the second leg of the semi-final was disappointing and painful; Because my performance in going was outstanding. I thought I deserved to participate in the second leg in the first place, especially since he assured me of this before changing his mind; So when he brought me in 25 minutes before the end of the match I was injured.”
Chelsea won 2-0 in the second leg and reached the final and won the title at the expense of Manchester City, but Polisic says that if he had not violated Tuchel’s instructions, he would not have scored the first goal in Madrid.
“The little-known story about that goal was when Rudiger received the ball, and I saw that he wanted to take it with a long, high pass,” he said. So I started running to be behind the Real defenders, but as soon as Tuchel saw me running until Christian shouted at me, stay where you are and don’t run, but I felt that I had to find a free space to receive the ball, and I cut the way on Nacho (Real defender) and Varane, and when I received the ball I thought I had to pay it right away, but it turns out I have more time than I think with the ball; Because Nacho ran to cover Real’s net, Varane was more concerned about Werner’s arrival in the penalty area; So I thought of getting a better position to shoot and going around Courtois.”
For his part, United States coach Greg Berhalter commented on his star being put under the leadership of a new coach, and said: “I am not happy when a coach is sent off, but if this means more opportunities to participate for Polsic, this is a positive thing; Because he is a player who has proven his ability to play at the highest level. I am sure that Bolsic’s position in the national team will not be affected dramatically, but there are two players in his position who may enter the competition.”
Analyst Alex Lalas advised Bolsic’s father to stop speaking for him, after tweets in which Mark Bolsic criticized coach Kai Haveritz and Mason Mount over him. “Anything that happens with him or around him will be under a microscope,” Lalas said. “Mark’s tweets are critical of Tuchel, but now Bolsic is a man and can fight his battles on social media and on the pitch himself. I say to Mark, I love your encouragement and support for your son, but he is a grown man who can stand up for himself, and it is enough for you to feel proud of raising him.”
And Bolsic will be on a date to show his worth to his new coach, Potter, when the Pennsylvania son participates in the team’s match against Crystal Palace, on the first of next October at Selhurst Park.

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