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Hazem Imam, the former star of Zamalek and the Egyptian national team, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Football Association, praised the new deal concluded by the management of Al-Ahly Club.

Hazem Imam said in radio statements via On Sport FM, “I see that the most important deal that the Al-Ahly club management has managed to include so far is the Shadi Hussein deal from the ranks of the Ceramica Cleopatra team.”

He added, “Although Shadi Hussein is considered old, but he is a skilled and skilled player, and he will be a strong addition to the Red Castle in the new season.”

He continued, “Shadi Hussein is good at playing in the wing position next to the frank head of the spear, and he can give Swiss coach Marcel Koller many solutions in the front line.”

He added, “Shadi Hussein has strong capabilities and capabilities since his participation with the Ceramica Cleopatra team in the second division, where he is distinguished by speed, strength and skill.”

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He explained, “Ahmed Yasser Rayan is also a strong striker and has distinguished technical capabilities, and he will be an addition to the Ceramica Cleopatra team.”

Al-Ahly club had contracted with Shadi Hussein in a reciprocal deal with Ahmed Yasser Rayan, without paying any financial compensation.

In the current summer transfers, Al-Ahly club signed Shadi Hussein and Mustafa Saad Messi, in addition to the Brazilian Bruno Savio from the Bolivian ranks.

At a time, during which the football team in the ranks of the Red Castle decided to return the duo Mahmoud Kahraba and Mohamed Maghribi from loan in order to strengthen the list of the first team before the competitions of the new season.

Hazem Emam confirmed in his radio statements that the Swiss coach, Marcel Koehler, the coach of the red team, has every right to hold the red team’s training in two periods.

He concluded, “The Al-Ahly coach wants the players to reach the best technical and physical level before entering the new season.”

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