A burning competition .. Who is the most successful coach in Europe?

European competitions in the last 30 years have had many of the most successful coaches, from Sir Alex Ferguson to Carlo Ancelotti.

Clubs compete at the continental level in the Champions League and the European League, in which coaches have clearly left their mark.

“Al Ain Sports” reviews in the following lines the most successful coaches who have achieved the largest number of European victories in the era of the European Champions League since it was renamed in the 1992-1993 season.

Carlo Ancelotti, the most successful coach in Europe

Real Madrid’s coach, Carlo Ancelotti, is the coach with the most victories at the European level, with 119 victories.

Ancelotti’s 119 wins came in 102 in the Champions League from 181 matches, and 17 in 32 matches in the European League (or the European Cup as it was called until 2009).

The 63-year-old veteran coach is the first coach in history to win 4 Champions League titles, with two titles with Real Madrid in the 2013-14 and 2021-22 seasons, and AC Milan in the 2002-03 and 2006-07 seasons.

Mourinho enters the competition

And Jose Mourinho, coach of Roma, stormed the competition after equaling Sir Alex Ferguson’s record of Manchester United legend, reaching 106 European victories.

Mourinho was able to occupy second place in the list after leading his team to beat Helsinki, Finland, by 3-0 last Thursday in the second round of the group stage of the European League.

But the “Special One” is still 25 wins away from Ferguson’s total number of wins in the Champions League, although the Portuguese has managed 43 games less than the retired Scot.

Mourinho was crowned with 4 European titles, after winning the Champions League in the 2009-10 seasons with Inter Milan and 2003-04 with Porto, before winning the 2016-17 European League with Manchester United, and finally the first version of the 2021-22 European Conference League with Roma.

This comes at a time when Alex Ferguson won the Champions League twice in the 1998-99 and 2007-08 seasons with Manchester United.

Mourinho achieved more victories in the two biggest European championships than Arsene Wenger, the former Arsenal coach, and Pep Guardiola, the current coach of Manchester City, to be in fifth place.

Guardiola has won 95 Champions League wins, but he has never managed a match in the European League, while Arsene Wenger is in fourth place, only one victory behind Ferguson and Mourinho, with 105 wins.

The competition continues in the list of the most victorious coaches in Europe, as Mourinho will play at least 4 more matches in the European League during the group stage, while Ancelotti continues with Real Madrid the campaign to win the Champions League title for the second consecutive season.


List of coaches with the most victories in Europe

  1. Carlo Ancelotti – 119 wins (102 in the Champions League + 17 in the Europa League).
  2. Jose Mourinho – 106 wins (85 in the Champions League + 21 in the Europa League).
  3. Sir Alex Ferguson – 106 wins (105 in the Champions League + 1 in the Europa League).
  4. Arsene Wenger – 105 wins (88 in the Champions League + 17 in the Europa League).
  5. Pep Guardiola – 95 wins (UEFA Champions League).

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