Akram Tawfik: I hope to return to my level .. Kohler reassures me

Akram Tawfik: I hope to return to my level .. Kohler reassures me
Akram Tawfik: I hope to return to my level .. Kohler reassures me

Akram Tawfiq, Al-Ahly club player, confirmed that he hopes to return to his level again after suffering a cruciate ligament injury, noting that coach Marcel Koehler is constantly reassuring him.

Akram Tawfiq said in statements to Al-Ahly’s official website: “Praise be to God for my return to training again, and to be an addition to the team again, and of course I will be afraid, and people will expect a lot from me, and my return must be based on their confidence in me, and I hope to come back stronger and better, and I I work hard for that.”

He added: “Suaresh was talking to me in order to participate in the last 3 matches in the league last season, but I preferred not to rush back. I won’t be able to participate in those matches, but if they are friendly matches, I am ready to participate gradually.”

He continued: “Amr Al-Sulayya and Hamdi Fathi are more than supportive of me, and there are many people as well.

Al-Ahly player continued: “I hope to be with the club in any match, and you must do my best for the club and the fans, and I do not focus with the social media as much as I focus in training and matches, and it is not useful for me to return less than the level I was performing.”

He continued: “The players who were absent from the team last season greatly affected the team’s performance, but Al-Ahly club does not stand on any player.”

Akram Tawfik added: “Kohler speaks collectively with the players, comes to check on me, and is respectful with all the players, and the coach must deal psychologically with the players at the beginning before the field, and he talks with everyone on the psychological level, and laughs in the face of all the people in the club. strict in his work.”

Al-Ahly player stressed: “The form of Al-Ahly will change, of course, because all the players needed a rest, and over the last two or three seasons, we did not take a break.”

He continued: “We wish success to all the new players, and we will support them and stand behind them, and any player who wears the Al-Ahly shirt must be up to the responsibility, and I wish them success.”

He continued: “The competition is honest in the team, and all this is in the interest of Al-Ahly, whether I play, Karim Fouad or Mohamed Hani, we are all great players, and any player who plays will not skimp on a point of sweat for the club and the fans, and I hope to return to my level in order to keep up with them.”

He continued, “I am happy with the name Mufasa, because Musimani was telling me that, and I was watching this movie, and when he came out and said about this name and people knew about it, everyone started telling me Mufasa, and this is something that makes me happy.”

Akram added: “Any tournament that Al-Ahly enters will be the first candidate. We will practice, tire and strive to bring the championship again. We were able to win two titles in the African Championship in a row and the third time we were unlucky, so we seek to restore the championship again.”

He continued: “The league has become stronger than the past years, and there is more than one club competing for the championship, so there should be no complacency, and this is something that makes me happy on a personal level.”

Akram Tawfiq said: “I hope to return again to my level and give everything I have to Al-Ahly, and I want to be professional, but I will not leave Al-Ahly if it agrees with the matter and the fans agree to my departure. Limits, and offers came to me from outside Egypt from the Gulf, Italy and the English Premier League.

He added: “Any team in the world is declining, not only Al-Ahly, because the fans love the club and want it in a high position, and God willing, this will not happen again, and we will be strong.”

And he added: “Kohler, when he came, said that he did not want mobile phones to be present at the dining table, so that we could sit as much as possible with each other as players, and among the words that we will talk about is that we want to return better and better and not miss any championship next season.”

Tawfiq concluded his statements: “I thank the fans that they always support me, and I thank my family for standing by me, and I hope that I will meet their expectations.”

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