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For days, German newspapers, magazines, and websites have been writing about the World Cup in Qatar, directing successive criticisms of human rights files and the rights of foreign workers, especially Asians, who participated in the greatest effort in building stadiums and infrastructure for the emirate during preparation for the World Cup. Yesterday, Sunday (November 20, 2022), the tournament started, and many official and private German websites criticized the tournament and the first match, and about what FIFA President Infantino said.

opening ceremony

The Swiss newspaper “Neue Zuricher Zeitung” wrote in an article under the headline “Football is good, singing is bad”, about the opening of the tournament:

“The openings of sports tournaments are usually distinguished by luxury. In the 2014 tournament in Brazil, the World Cup opened with a mixed show showing a Brazilian combat sport to the music of singer Jennifer Lopez. In 2018, Vladimir Putin made the English singer Robin Williams fly in the sky of the stadium, and at the opening of the World Cup Qatar was not The matter is different, as singers from all over the world sang, and international star Morgan Fairman appeared in a scene in which he repeatedly repeated the word “tolerance”.

Regarding the boycott or participation of international artists in the opening ceremony of the tournament, the newspaper wrote the following comment:

Anyone who wants to uphold the ethical standards that artists set for themselves should support a boycott of not just the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, but a boycott of FIFA as a whole. The headlines surrounding the preparations for the opening ceremony show that critics often sound inconsistent or hypocritical in the controversy surrounding the Cup. World 2022. Singing is bad, playing football is good, watching football is good.”

labor rights

Die Welt wrote in an article under the title “Improvement? Only on paper” that the improvement in the conditions of migrant workers in Qatar has officially appeared.

“There is a real improvement in the labor laws towards migrant workers. Workers who had to be associated with their employer for two years can now change jobs. The kafala system has been officially abolished, and it seems that workers can obtain a minimum wage for work.” …..) However, the truth seems different, as a migrant worker to Qatar told Die Welt in mid-August that these state laws are applied only in exceptional cases and not to everyone.Unions that protect workers are not allowed in Qatar, The right to assembly is also out of the question, and the worst thing is in the workers’ dormitories.”

Sports and politics

The Berlin Zeitung newspaper interviewed former German national team midfielder Sami Khedira. On a question referring to the relationship of the German national team players to the political debate taking place and its impact on sports, Khedira replied:

“The players themselves did not choose Qatar to host the tournament, for them they are going on a business trip to Qatar, the biggest business trip they can imagine in the world of football, the FIFA World Cup.”


Most of what was discussed in the German-language European and German newspapers was the statements of FIFA President Gianni Infantine. Infantino on Saturday accused critics of Qatar’s treatment of migrant workers of “hypocrisy,” adding that cooperation was the only way to improve human rights. In drawn-out, sometimes angry remarks at the start of a press conference the day before the tournament kicked off, Infantino attacked European critics of the host nation on issues of migrant workers and gay rights. “I am European. Because of what we have done for 3,000 years all over the world, we must apologize for the next 3,000 years before giving moral lessons,” he said. “I find it difficult to understand the criticism. We have to invest in helping these people, in education and giving them a better future and more hope. We must all educate ourselves, many things are not perfect but reform and change takes time,” he added. “This one-sided moral lesson is sheer hypocrisy,” he went on to say.

Emir of Qatar Tamim inaugurates the World Cup, which cost Qatar about $220 billion, according to estimates

In response to his remarks, the newspaper “Süddeutdeutsche Zeitung” published in southern Germany wrote an article entitled “The biggest hypocrite is himself.” The opinion article was written in a way that contains a lot of sarcasm:

“Boycotting the World Cup is not expensive, because the tournament came at the expense of cheap labor from Bangladesh, but buying a sports shirt that costs 3 euros from Bangladeshi seamstresses is not expensive either. Things become more complicated when Infantino tries to use it to polish the face of Qatar. The ideal of double standards sits on FIFA throne.

In the same newspaper, an article was published about Amnesty International’s criticism of what the FIFA President said in his press conference, as the newspaper quoted what a spokesman for the international organization said:

“FIFA should pay for the rights of the migrant workers who made the tournament possible. The right to equality and compensation should not be treated as a cultural struggle. The workers and their families should be compensated directly from the FIFA Heritage Fund.” If FIFA wants to salvage something from this tournament, they should invest a part. More than six billion dollars.

“badge of love”

Under the heading “Germany Bows,” the German “Welt” website wrote:

“Contrary to what was planned, the German Football Association bowed and decided not to carry the captain of the national team, Manuel Neuer, the “badge of love,” which calls for equality, tolerance, respect for pluralism, and the federation’s concession to FIFA’s decision.

The site stated that FIFA threatened with a yellow card and threatened to penalize the teams in which the team captain carries this badge by deducting points.

Neuer wears the “One Love” badge.

The German “Focus” website quoted the sports director of the German national team, Bierhoff, as saying: “FIFA can take badges from us, but it will not take our values ​​from us.”

A joint statement had stated that the countries that were planning to wear the multicolored “love badge” of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, retracted this matter amid fears of sanctions by the federation. International Football Association (FIFA).

The seven European countries, including England and Germany, which signed up to the “One Love” campaign, had previously said they were ready to pay the fines. But now she confirmed: “FIFA has been very clear that it will impose sporting sanctions if our captains wear armbands on the field.” “We cannot put our players in a position that could expose them to yellow cards or even force them to leave the field,” the statement stressed.


  • Magician Musiala

    In pictures: Young talents will attract attention at the World Cup in Qatar

    Jamal Musiala, 19 years old (Germany)

    Musiala became the new face of the German national team and four-time World Cup winner. Despite his young age, the Bayern Munich star is preparing to play a major role in the Qatar World Cup. Musiala is distinguished by his ability to dribble with his feet, score goals and his creativity over the green rectangle.

  • Brilliant Gabe

    In pictures: Young talents will attract attention at the World Cup in Qatar

    Gabi, 18 years old (Spain)

    Gabi is the youngest international player in Spain’s history. His brilliance made him an indispensable element in the Spanish national team. The Barcelona star is distinguished by his ability to dribble and pass the ball, which made him enter into the category of comparisons with the greats of the Spanish game such as Iniesta and Xavi, who won the World Cup in 2010. Gabi is the new captain of the current generation of the Spanish national team and is expected to lead it to the summit again.

  • mercurial saka.

    In pictures: Young talents will attract attention at the World Cup in Qatar

    Saka, 21, (England)

    Saka participated in his first international tournament with the England national team at Euro 2020. Saka missed a decisive penalty kick against the Italian national team in the final match. Despite this, Saka became more confident in front of goal and influential, despite the racist attacks he was subjected to later. The Arsenal star is one of the most talented youngsters in the England national team.

  • Creative Cobo.

    In pictures: Young talents will attract attention at the World Cup in Qatar

    Kubo, 21 years old (Japan)

    He is nicknamed “Messi of Japan” and has a charming left foot. Kubo, the star of the Japanese national team and player of Real Socieda, is one of the players that the viewer enjoys watching, although he is not always effective, and he needs to score more goals. The Japanese national team hopes that the genius of Kubo will help it overcome a difficult group in the World Cup that includes: Spain, Germany and Costa Rica.

  • Camavinga warrior.

    In pictures: Young talents will attract attention at the World Cup in Qatar

    Camavinga, 20, (France)

    Camavinga was born in a refugee camp in Angola to Congolese parents, but moved to France at the age of two. He occupies the center of the field and is distinguished by his ability to dribble and pass. He also won the 2022 European Champions League title with Real Madrid. Camavinga is expected to play a major role with the French national team seeking to preserve its title.

  • Rodrigo artist

    In pictures: Young talents will attract attention at the World Cup in Qatar

    Rodrigo, 21 years old (Brazil)

    Rodrygo is considered one of the hottest young attacking talents in Brazil. Although the young player may find it difficult to secure a place in a team full of great attacking options, Rodrygo is able to provide a special addition: a keen eye on the field and creating chances to score. In the event that the Real Madrid player gets his chance to play, it is difficult to pull him with the field.

  • Elegant Rina.

    In pictures: Young talents will attract attention at the World Cup in Qatar

    Geo Rina, 20 years old (USA)

    Erlij Haaland, who did not qualify for the World Cup with Norway, has referred to his former Borussia Dortmund teammate Gio Reina as the “American Dream”. Reyna is described as an elegant player who brings a lot of variety to the attacking midfield for the United States. Barring the injuries, which he has struggled with a lot, Reyna will be a key component of the USA squad for the World Cup in Qatar.

  • Rapid Jian.

    In pictures: Young talents will attract attention at the World Cup in Qatar

    Felix Avena Gyan, 19 years old (Ghana)

    Gian performed impressive levels that helped him secure a place for him with Italian club Roma last season. The Ghanaian striker was able to make his mark with his former team, relying on his great speed that annoys defenders, and his quick thinking and decision-making on the field.

  • Distinguished Anis.

    In pictures: Young talents will attract attention at the World Cup in Qatar

    Anis Ben Slimane, 21 years old (Tunisia)

    Anis is a versatile young midfielder, and the Tunisian national team will depend on him to support the attacking line. Anis previously represented Denmark in the under-19 category, but chose to play with the Tunisian national team in 2019. The Brondby player is distinguished by his creativity and aspires to help Tunisia overcome the group stage, which defeated the “Carthage Eagles” with France, Australia and Denmark. Prepared by: Lolady Adioji/ R.M

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