The referee of the match between Saudi Arabia and Argentina and the story of his arrest in Bosnia

The referee of the match between Saudi Arabia and Argentina and the story of his arrest in Bosnia
The referee of the match between Saudi Arabia and Argentina and the story of his arrest in Bosnia

The winds blew two years ago, contrary to what was desired by the referee assigned by “FIFA” to manage a football match that the Saudi and Argentine national teams will play this afternoon at the “Lusail Stadium” in Doha. Adriatic, in May 2000 he was on a business visit in the city of Bijeljina, Bosnia, when the police arrested him on suspicion of belonging to a gang of prostitution and drugs.

They arrested him after raiding a gang den, in which they found 9 women and 26 men, along with weapons and containers containing cocaine, according to what summarized, the translator, from what was mentioned at the time in a report published by the Croatian newspaper “24 Sata” or “24 Hours”, in which “Slavko Vincic, assistant in 2012 to referee the European Nations Cup that year, was aware of her name, Tiana Maksimovic, the founder and leader of the gang, and she was trying to cross to Croatia with a boat containing 3 women, when the police surrounded and arrested her.

Although “24 Sata” confirmed at the end of its report that Vincic is innocent and is not directly involved with the gang, and has no knowledge of its leader, according to what I learned from private sources, his presence with those who found weapons and cocaine in their possession made the authorities detain him for several days, during which he appeared Videos, including the one shown above, in which he appears in a black T-shirt. He was also subjected to an intense investigation, which ended with him declaring his complete innocence, and that he was not involved in the network, which was completely dismantled.

“I regret that I agreed”

After his release, Vincic defended himself, denied his connection to the drug mafia and prostitution, and explained in several media interviews that he had his own company, and he was on a business trip in Bosnia, “when a businessman invited me to lunch, and I regretted that I agreed to meet his invitation, the police made a” push “During it, they arrested those present at the scene, including me. After I submitted my statement and the police made sure that I did not know the gang members, I was released,” as he put it.

The head of the Referees Association in Slovenia also appeared, and defended him in terms of what was said and indicated, in which he confirmed: “Quoting official and unofficial sources, there is no relationship for Slavko with the network, and that all there is to it is that he was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and with the wrong people.” However, he became free and returned home,” he said.

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