Playing in two frames requires depth in the team

Guy Geva 11/23/2022 07:19

Danny Franco (Haggai Michaeli)

Chinano Onuaku will make his debut when Hapoel Tel Aviv hosts the powerful Gran Canaria tonight (Wednesday, 22:00), and will try to recover after the loss in the Tel Aviv derby. Jaylen Hurd is expected to return to Danny Franco’s squad after a minor injury, while Chris Horton is expected to play his last game for the red team that has a record of one win and one loss so far this season in Europe.

Jacoben Brown (12.0 points, 7.8 assists per game) leads the Eurocup in assists. Hapoel Tel Aviv has so far presented a balanced attack in the Eurocup, with the participation of Jaylen Hurd (13.2 points, 7.2 rebounds), Tomer Ginat (11.2 points) and Jordan McRae (13.8 points) and Manford (13.3 points). Statistically, very little separates the teams in attack, with Hapoel losing fewer balls and Gran Canaria the preferred shooting team beyond the three-point arc. However, the MTA team is the stronger team in defense, and how they will play against the strong attack of Gran Canaria, could be what decides the game.

Danny Franco He said before the game: “The teams that play in Europe, and play in two frameworks, have different requirements for each framework. It’s a different basketball. The game we get in three days is going to be completely different from the game we played. It’s going to be very difficult for us and these frameworks require a certain depth. We all know Onuaku And you know what its qualities are, the wisdom is to know how to combine it wisely and in time, in order not to damage the cohesion, because the enemy of the good is the better.

Jordan McRae and Jacob Brown (Haggai Michaeli)

“Jordan McRae didn’t register in the league at first either,” continued Franco about his staff and added about the guard: “He will fit in better now. You need to know how to do this process in a constructive and not spoiling way. You have to be smart and sensitive to the situation, in the end this move will be right if we know how to build it in an orderly and correct way, with determination and sensitivity.”


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