“A man who instills fear”: Leo Messi’s Saudi friend

“A man who instills fear”: Leo Messi’s Saudi friend
“A man who instills fear”: Leo Messi’s Saudi friend

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Even before the sensational loss of the Argentine national team yesterday (Tuesday), to Saudi Arabia, the English ‘Athletic’ published a comprehensive investigative report, which attacks the problematic contract of the star of the Argentine national team with the Gulf state, under the title, “Sold himself to the devil”.

According to the article, last May Messi signed a huge contract with Saudi Arabia, which is supposed to promote tourism in the country, but according to the claim, that promotion campaign is part of Saudi Arabia’s plan to promote its bid to host the World Cup, which Argentina also wants to host together with Uruguay and Paraguay.

But Leo Messi’s relationship with Saudi Arabia really didn’t start last May. Back in 2012, the Barcelona star visited the country for the first time, and was escorted by heavy security from the moment he got off the plane. Since then, relations between Messi and Saudi Arabia have become increasingly warm, thanks in large part to one man, Turki Al Sheikh.

El Sheikh, who serves as a kind of minister of culture and sports in the country, is also the owner of Almeria of the Spanish league. He is considered one of the most powerful in Saudi Arabia, and his relationship with Messi is a personal one, with warm relations.

So what exactly is the problem? As with everything that has revolved around Saudi Arabia in recent years, it all comes back to the shocking murder case of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was brutally executed in 2018 by the country’s regime, after for years he had been one of the fiercest critics of the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin salman

In an interview before his death, the journalist said that Salman has only two political advisors, one of them is Turki Al-Sheikh. According to him, these are bullies who instill fear and terror in those around them.”

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