FIFA and Qatar’s industry of lies: the engineered crowd data

Judging by figures from FIFA and the organizing committee of the 2022 World Cup, the average attendance at matches in Qatar so far has been simply great. 591,486 have come to the stadiums for the 12 matches played so far and this is a high average of over 49 per game. So that’s it, no.

In recent days, more and more stories are emerging about the industry of lies that touches the data – and this of course adds to the stench that has accompanied the 2022 World Cup for 12 years, from the moment Qatar was announced as the host, through the stories about bribes to female voters, the thousands of workers who died in hard labor during the preparations, the rickety infrastructure that the fans suffer from Until the gagging of the national teams from Europe.

So what’s the story? While the spectators at home and in the stadiums themselves expect a lot of empty seats during matches, FIFA releases official figures of full stands.

This story also gets complicated in light of the fact that the official figures of the stadiums’ contents have been changed in recent days. The reason? In some matches FIFA announced that there was more audience than the official content.

Don’t believe FIFA’s numbers. There will be offers in the match between France and Australia | Reuters

In the match between England and Iran, for example, it was announced that 45,334 people came to Khalifa Stadium. However, according to the official data from before the tournament, the Khalifa Stadium has only 40,000 seats. In the match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia, a figure of over 88,000 spectators was published – in a stadium of 80,000. And so it happened in more and more games.

so what are we doing? Playing with the numbers and changing data. FIFA explained that the stadiums have an event mode (in free translation: “event mode”) in which the content increases. At the same time, they wanted to change the data on the official website.

The New York Times reporter, Tariq Panja, was present at the match between Morocco and Croatia (0:0) yesterday afternoon and tweeted: “Moroccan fans are making a lot of noise at the El Hor stadium, even though it seems to be half empty.”

At about half time FIFA announced that the stadium had 59,407 spectators and Panja tweeted: “There are not 59,407. Unless there are tiny people here sitting on the thousands of empty seats and I don’t see them.”

Where is the audience? Spain vs Costa Rica | Reuters
Empty stands at the 2022 World Cup, England against Iran
England against Iran | Reuters

The broadcast schedule of the 2022 World Cup

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