Shock in Sakhnin: Haim Silves has finished his journey

Shock in Sakhnin: Haim Silves has finished his journey
Shock in Sakhnin: Haim Silves has finished his journey

Shock in Sakhnin: As first published on the Sports Channel website, the club announced the dismissal of Haim Silves as the team’s coach, after holding the position for only ten months. “Haim behaved professionally and courteously and with a special level of courtesy. He ends up with good relations with all the people and players of the club,” the official announcement reads. Silves was Sakhnin’s ninth coach in the last four years.

“I’m proud to have coached you,” Silves said goodbye to the Sakhnin players, “I’m disgusted to leave because it was an excellent connection. This is football, things like this happen. I wish you success.”

According to the contract he had with the team, Silves receives compensation for his departure, which will take place immediately. Dusan Matovic, Silves’ assistant coach in recent times, has currently taken over the team and will conduct the training until a new coach arrives.

In this regard, at the moment Kobi Merafa is the next candidate to succeed Sylves. A conversation already took place with him before, but there will be a meeting with him at the beginning of the week and he is expected to be appointed the new coach of Sakhnin, its tenth in the last four years.

With the end of his career in Sakhnin, Silves ends his ten-month term. He was appointed to the position on January 19, in place of Sharon Mimer, and he led Sakhnin to the top playoffs. The team finished the 2021/22 season in sixth place with 49 points. The current season, Silves and Sakhnin did not start well – the team won four games out of 13, and in the last six league games it collected only two points.

is expected to be appointed as the new coach. Medicine (Odi Citate)

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