Habashi’s move to Hapoel Haifa encountered difficulties

Doron Ben Dor 05/14/2023 08:12

Eid Habashi Hogge (Hajjaj Rahal)

Hapoel Haifa really wants Aid Habashi, but it turns out that reality is one thing and expectations are one thing. After the relegation of Kiryat Shmona to National, the brakeman received a surprising message in complete contrast to the statements that came from Izzy Sharetzki that he is probably leaving the senior team, according to which he and several other senior players in the team are not released and will continue with the team in the national league.

The descending team actually announced that it is exercising the option on Habashi, who will continue with a salary approaching $200,000 per season in the minor league.

This is an astronomical salary in the National League, where many players earn around a quarter of this amount. Of course, Saratsky has the financial ability to meet Habashi’s salary in the national league as well, but the exercise of the option is surprising when you remember the multiple statements of the owner in recent weeks about the complete departure of the senior team.

Eid Habashi (Khajaj Rahal)

In Abyssinia there is concrete interest from many teams from the Premier League and since Kiryat Shmona was relegated, initial contacts have also begun with teams in European leagues. Those around the player were very surprised by Kiryat Shmona’s announcement and said that “Habashi will not play in the national league for anyone in the world. It’s not a matter of money.”

In the meantime, Hapoel Haifa managed to sweeten the current season a little yesterday when it finished in seventh place in the lower playoffs after defeating Bnei Raina 0:4 away. The one who excelled in the game was striker Kranji Antoine, who left food for thought regarding his future. The goalkeeper Ran Kadosh who played 90 minutes was also excellent, as well as Mohamed Kamera and the captain Dor Malol. In Haifa, during the week, the burdens and conditions will be accelerated against Biram Kiel, Guy Melamed, Aid Habashi and Ariel Harosh.

“Every game gives food for thought” said the team’s coach Roni Levy. “Especially in everything that concerns foreigners. We will have to make a decision. We want to strengthen ourselves with strong and good players who want to be in Hapoel Haifa. It is very important to me to have players here who come with motivation.”

Roni Levy (Hajaj Rahel)

Roni Levy continued and stated: “I will not compromise on mediocrity and I will not compromise on where we are this year. There is a lot of work and it is important that we find the right players. For me it was a very difficult year, a dangerous year. If Yoav Katz hadn’t decided in January to put his hand deep in his pocket and bring in better players, we could have found ourselves stuck at the bottom.”

Regarding Biram Kiel who wants to come and negotiations are already underway with him, Levy said: “Everyone knows my opinion on Biram. We want to strengthen ourselves with good players and Biram is one of those.”