Back to victory: Ashdod beat Hapoel Jerusalem 0:1

The outstanding actor

Gil Cohen, grade: 7
Great defensive play, always in the right place, helped Ashdod keep a clean sheet

The disappointing player

1684093162_533_Back-to-victory-Ashdod-beJordan Botaka, score: 3
As much as the expectation – the size of the disappointment. The winger was ineffective in the offensive part and did not help his team

MS Ashdod hosted Hapoel Jerusalem this evening (Sunday) in Teddi as part of the 35th round and went up 0:1 after not winning in the last seven games. The Reds, for their part, can be disappointed with their fourth loss in a row, when they could lose fourth place to Maccabi Netanya.

The game started at a slow pace with both teams mainly trying to hold onto the ball and not often getting into situations. Guy Badash woke up for the Reds and performed good actions on the right wing, but was unable to score. The team from the opposite port did not appear and only near the end of the half threatened Omar Kabilo’s goal when Mogis Zakaria was close to scoring.

In the second half, Ran Ben Shimon’s apprentices continued their improved ability and in the 60th minute, a great action by Roi Levy on the left wing ended with a great pass to Elad Shaf who came from the second line and hit the net. The Jerusalemites tried to return until the end, but without success.

Now, Ziv Aryeh’s apprentices have deepened the crisis and, as mentioned, they can drop to fifth place if Maccabi Netanya, which also has 45 points, gets points against Maccabi Haifa. On the other hand, MS Ashdod broke a streak of four losses, with 43 points in sixth place and returned to the fight for fourth place.

second half

  • ’90+5
  • Judge's decision
  • The final whistle! Ashdod came back to win with 0:1 over Hapoel Jerusalem which could lose the fourth place
A lucky comet in the struggle (Oren Ben Hakon)
  • ’83
  • spare
  • Ovadiya Khatab replaced Shalu Herush
  • ’83
  • spare
  • Double exchange in Ashdod. Roy Levy left, Shavit Mazal entered in his place
Roy Levy versus Don Cedric (Oren Ben Hakon)
  • ’83
  • acidification
  • Omar Agbadish made a good move and received a good ball into the box from Nadav Nidem, but the defender hit badly outside the box
  • ’77
  • spare
  • Goal scorer Elad Shaaf left, Ravid Abarjil entered in his place
  • ’74
  • spare
  • Freda finished his part, Yoav Tomer will try to bring his team back into the game
His hemlock is disappointed (Oren Ben Hakon)
  • ’71
  • spare
  • A replacement for Ran Ben Shimon as well, Mogis came out, Ebenezer Mamata replaced him
  • ’67
  • spare
  • Izzy Zedda is in, Togi is out
  • ’67
  • spare
  • Golan Benny entered, Awka Ashta left
  • ’67
  • spare
  • Triple exchange with the Jerusalemites. Jordan Butaka made way for Nadav Nidem
His hemlock in action (Oren Ben Hakon)
  • ’63
  • yellow card
  • First card of the game, Awka Ashta received the yellow
  • ’61
  • spare
  • Ofek Biton left for Ziv Aryeh, Don Cedric entered in his place
Elad Shaf celebrates (Oren Ben Hakon)
Ashdod players celebrate with Elad Shaf (Oren Ben Hakon)
Elad Shaf celebrates (Oren Ben Hakon)
  • ’60
  • Gate
  • Gate! Ashdod went up 0:1: Roi Levy worked on the left wing and lifted a ball into the box, Elad Shaf came from behind and hit the net of Omar Kabilo
Einau Farda and Mogis Zakaria in the struggle (Oren Ben Hakon)
  • ’58
  • acidification
  • Roi Levy took advantage of a mistake in Hapoel Jerusalem’s defense, dropped the ball to his own, but the midfielder kicked badly outside the box
  • ’47
  • acidification
  • Badash dribbled on the right wing and lifted to the head of Willam Tugi who shot over the goal
  • ’46
  • spare
  • Elton Akultsa could not continue and was replaced at the start of the second half by Noam Mucha

first half

Jordan Saban and his hemlock in action (Oren Ben Hakon)
  • ’44
  • acidification
  • Zakaria received a lift from Roi Levy to the near corner and the striker had a good shot and could have scored, but the Harel Shalom defense was in place and blocked
  • ’42
  • acidification
  • Elton Akultsa tried to kick, the ball splashed from Amit Glazer’s feet in the direction of Zakaria, but the latter did not reach the ball well and kicked out of bounds
Jordan Butka in front of Zohar Zasno (Oren Ben Hakon)
  • ’38
  • acidification
  • First situation for Ashdod. Zohar Zasno’s lift found the head of Mogis Zakaria, but the striker hit weakly outside the box
  • ’28
  • acidification
  • Ofek Biton caught a ball close to Ashdod’s 16-yard box, but kicked badly under pressure out of the frame
Guy Badash Moschel (Oren Ben Hakon)
Guy Badash in action (Oren Ben Hakon)
  • ’22
  • acidification
  • Badash made a good double pass with Ainau Farda that led to a comfortable kicking position, but the winger was stopped by the Ashdod defense
Jordan Saban in action (Oren Ben Hakon)
Sahar Hason in action (Oren Ben Hakon)
  • ’11
  • acidification
  • First game mode. Guy Badash received a ball on the right wing, cut to the middle and kicked hard into the center of the goal, Sahar Hason made an excellent save
  • ‘1
  • Judge's decision
  • The opening whistle! Referee Majed Rushrush kicked off the match
MS Ashdod players (Oren Ben Hakon)
Hapoel Jerusalem players (Oren Ben Hakon)
Ran ben Shimon (Oren ben Hakon)
Ziv Aryeh (Oren Ben Hakon)
Hapoel Jerusalem fans (Oren Ben Hakon)