I will always write against those who want to strengthen my enemies

While the residents of the south were under attack, thousands demonstrated as Shabbat uniforms in Tel Aviv and some of them waved Palestinian flags, which was too much for Eran Zahavi. The star of Maccabi Tel Aviv shared an angry story in which he called for the expulsion of the flag bearers from the country and today (Sunday) the confrontation also developed with journalist Dan Margalit, the yellow fans who went against Zahavi and later retracted.

first gem He wrote: “Eran Zahavi (as in the old song “He has wisdom in his feet”) called us demonstrators in Kaplan Israel haters and announced that there would be more fun in Israel without us. As a Maccabi fan, this is my reaction: if he sends me out of the country – I hope to send him to League C. Eran, do what you once knew how to do.”

In another tweet, Dan Margalit wrote about Eran Zahavi: “You have the right to be in favor of the government’s dictatorship laws (want to discuss it? Please), but the style of your writing about the protestors is verbal bullying in a mockery, like the old children’s song: ‘He has wisdom in his feet.’ Want to divorce Jenin? I’m giving you a red card.”

The striker’s brother, Avi Zahavi, and also his wife, Shai, responded to Margalit, and then Eran himself also commented on the whole story. golden He wrote on Instagram: “I have never written and will never write against demonstrations and an opinion different from my own. This is the essence of democracy and I am in favor of it even when it is less compatible in my opinion. And yes, I will always write against those who want in times of war to strengthen my enemies and wave their flags proudly inside my country. Dear Dan, there is no right or left here, there is the State of Israel. It’s a shame you don’t respect my opinion (and by the way, I still do well what I did in the past also excellent). Only health and free love Dan”.

Before that the star’s brother, My golden father, wrote on Twitter to Margalit: “The country is at war, full of families 24/7 sitting in MMD, there are no physical casualties, but there are many mentally wounded and people who go to the street and wave flags of those who are trying to murder us and our children. I am ready to finance buses for them and drop them off in Gaza.”

Following on from these things, Eran’s wife, Golden Shi, wrote on Instagram with a screenshot of Margalit’s original tweet: “Dear Dan Margalit, you probably didn’t really understand what Eran wrote and what he meant, that’s why I’m here. The video shows people waving Palestinian flags (you are welcome to watch the video again), whom he called Israel haters. Whoever waves the flag of those who hate us and want to see us wiped out, yes, he hates Israel. And no, the protesters did not mean you. And by the way, one last thing, if you knew Eran a little better, you would know that he has more intelligence than just his legs.”

Eran Zahavi's story (screenshot)

Finally, as mentioned, Dan Margalit retracted in another tweet on Twitter: “I am happy to delete my arguments towards dear Eran Zahavi, who is in favor of freedom of demonstration and against those who seek to harm Israel. Like him, we both identify with a deep love for Israel and every day for Maccabi Tel Aviv. He is one of the 4 greatest in all the 78 years I have been watching (from the age of 7) at Maccabi – Shia Glazer, Giora Spiegel, Avi Nemani and Eran Zahavi.”