A hint to leave? Ben Shimon: “In the next two days everyone will know if I stay in Ashdod or not”

A hint to leave? Ben Shimon: “In the next two days everyone will know if I stay in Ashdod or not”
A hint to leave? Ben Shimon: “In the next two days everyone will know if I stay in Ashdod or not”

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After MS Ashdod’s victory over Hapoel Jerusalem, Ran Ben Shimon took the time to talk about his future in Ashdod in the coming season and provided a hint to leave

It seems that after three and a half years, the Ran Ben Shimon era is very close to its end, and it is very possible that this coming Saturday against Maccabi Tel Aviv will be Ben Shimon’s last game as the coach of Ashdod. Nothing is closed, and it is only an estimate, but the coach also provided quite a hint on the subject at the end of the victory 1- 0 against Hapoel Jerusalem in Teddy.

“In the next day or two we will finally know what’s going on with me, it’s something that needs to be decided about. It will be decided in front of one person with whom we have an amazing relationship, I’ll talk to him and we’ll know,” said Ben Shimon after the game.

About the game he said: “It’s hard to explain what a victory is, every victory is fun for God. This is the only game plan that could bring us a victory and it was fun to see all the young people playing.

We went down with a smile to the dressing room and faced the last game against Maccabi Tel Aviv. It’s always fun to see Ashdod, that’s my feeling. We made the top playoffs and semi-finals, this is a great achievement for Ashdod, and there were many good games. We were a fun team that had a very good season.”

On the shortcomings and coverage of the players of the general staff, Ben Shimon said: “Gil Cohen and Shaked Hachmon gave a great game, also Noam Mucha who entered in the second half and Roy Levy who made a huge save.

Some players wait for this opportunity all year, and they do their best. We never ran or talked about the shortcomings, from the third round we play without our outstanding player Lucas Salinas. There were also falls, but we won’t talk about them now.”

Elad Shafscorer of the winning goal: “It is not easy to get to games like this, but we are professionals and want to improve and move forward. There is a new season after and we want to come prepared.

I believed that things would work out for me in Ashdod, Ran and the team also believed in me. We could have had a historic season in the cup, it didn’t work out, but I believe it will come.”

The 2022-23 Premier League Football table

points games Group location
75 34 Maccabi Haifa 1
71 34 Hapoel B.S 2
67 34 Maccabi Tel Aviv 3
45 35 Hapoel Jerusalem 4
45 34 Maccabi Netanya 5
43 35 MS Ashdod 6
41 33 Hapoel Haifa 7
40 33 Beitar Jerusalem 8
37 33 Bnei Sakhnin 9
36 33 Hapoel Tel Aviv 10
35 33 Maccabi Bnei Reina 11
34 33 Hapoel Hadera 12
32 33 Urban Ksh 13
25 32 Ness Ziona section 14

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